Kid Rock Makes Out With Trailer Trash Tammy, Gives Middle Finger to Camera at WWE SummerSlam: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

Kid Rock has proven time and again that he does not care what the public thinks about him. Instead, he consistently puts out music that displays his outspoken nature. On Saturday night though, the country-rock artist took his lack of “give a damn” to the WWE SummerSlam in Nashville, Tennessee where he not only made out with YouTube star Trailer Trash Tammy but also flipped the bird to the camera. Watch the footage below.

According to The U.S. Sun, Kid Rock’s attendance at the WWE event received a big cheer from audience members, with announcers, as heard in the clip above, welcoming him as one of their Hall of Famers. However, in a sudden turn, Kid Rock both stunned viewers with his antics. While sitting beside Trailer Trash Tammy, who has over 1 million followers on YouTube, he planted a kiss on the woman’s cheek before she turned her head and enthusiastically took part in the less-than-romantic smooch.

While the singer-songwriter clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks, his makeout session on live TV nevertheless saw plenty of reactions online.

“How am I supposed to sleep tonight after watching this,” one viewer wrote. Others said, “Didn’t need to see that Kid Rock” and “Wtf did I just witness.”

Fans Slam Kid Rock After He Issues Statement Regarding Canceled North Dakota Concert

We already know that Kid Rock won’t be apologizing for his onscreen smooch with YouTube star Trailer Trash Tammy, however, he also didn’t issue one after canceling a North Dakota concert earlier this month. Instead, he took to Twitter where he wrote that he was “SO PISSED OFF” at not being able to move forward with the show. Fans, in response, weren’t exactly empathetic about the cancelation.

Taking to the comments section following Kid Rock’s announcement, one fan wrote, “Metallica: plays with second and third degree burns[,] Foo Fighters: plays with a broken leg on a throne. Motley Crue: plays hundreds of shows even though their singer can’t remember the lyrics.”

Overall, each instance demonstrates the various bands’ dedication to their fans. Meanwhile, the same Twitter user wrote of Kid Rock, “cancels cuz his MAGA hat blew away.”

Other fans expressed their annoyance more blatantly.

“It wasn’t even windy,” one Twitter user claimed, “it’s North Dakota wait 20 mins.”

Another said, “Lame. Winds were 8 mph. I want my $65 back.”