‘King of Queens’ Star Leah Remini Celebrates Daughter’s 18th Birthday With Heartwarming Video

by Joe Rutland

Actress Leah Remini of The King of Queens fame is celebrating a very special birthday in her life, that of her daughter Sofia. She’s turning 18 and Remini is honoring her daughter with this heartwarming, sweet video. It shows Sofia when she was first born and getting a lot of love and affection. The So You Can Think You Can Dance judge is quite proud of her child.

She played Carrie Heffernan opposite Kevin James’ Doug Heffernan. Comedian Jerry Stiller would play Doug’s father-in-law Arthur Spooner in the CBS sitcom. Of course, Stiller also had another prime sitcom role as Frank Costanza, father of George, on Seinfeld. The King of Queens ran for nine seasons and is now in the world of syndication.

Leah Remini Supports Friend In Comments On Church of Scientology

Remini, though, has been quite vocal in recent years about her disdain for the Church of Scientology. She is a former member of the church herself and even did a documentary about her experiences. Recently, she has come out warning fans of Tom Cruise to leave him alone even amidst his massive success. Cruise is a Scientologist and has been known to speak out about his beliefs. “Thank you to my friend [Claire Hedley] for your courage,” Remini says in a tweet. “You have continued to speak out despite the non-stop attacks from Scientology. … Don’t let the movie star charm fool you.”

Headley would write in part on Facebook: “Tom Cruise promotes a dangerous cult that destroyed my family too, the same cult that almost cost me my marriage and my life. The same cult that forced me to have two abortions, and which I fled from in 2005 with the clothes on my back and $200 in my pocket, to which they tracked me down, across state lines, to attempt and prevent my escape. Thank God they failed.”

Meanwhile, Remini shared her thoughts about losing a close friend to cancer. This person was more than a friend, too. It happened to be a lady named Trish, who was her nanny. She succumbed to cancer after a lengthy battle with the dreaded disease. Remini writes in part for an Instagram post: “Trish was a big part of our lives and continued to be even after our girl grew up. In the last month, I feel so blessed to have spent quality time with her, and I got to tell her how much she meant to my family and me.” Remini continues to work as an actress yet many have just fallen in love with her work through the sitcom.