‘King of Queens’ Star Leah Remini Mourns Loss of Close Friend After ‘Brave Battle With Cancer’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Leah Remini, star of “King of Queens” and former “The Talk” cast member took to social media Tuesday to mourn the loss of a family friend. Her touching Instagram post highlighted Trish’s battle with cancer. However, it also emphasized the imprint she left on the “King of Queens” actress and her family.

According to PopCulture, Remini’s friend Trish passed away in April, though the actress only shared news of her death Tuesday.

In her meaningful post, Remini wrote, “Last week, our beloved [Trish] passed away after nearly a decade-long, brave battle with cancer…She lived and lived fully.”

Trish, as we know, was a close family friend to the “King of Queens” actress. But she also stepped in as nanny to Leah Remini’s daughter Sofia from the time she was born in 2004.

Remini shared, “Trish was a big part of our lives and continued to be even after our girl grew up.”

The “King of Queens” star said she was grateful to have spent the last month spending lots of quality time with Trish and her family before her passing in April. She reported taking the time to share with Trish just how much she truly meant to Remini and her family.

As per the outlet, Trish first discovered her condition after a routine mammogram. She credited Remini with getting her to the doctor, stating during a 2015 episode of “It’s All Relative,” “who knows where I would be today if [Leah] hadn’t forced me to go get that.”

Close Friend of ‘King of Queens’ Star Leah Remini Shares Final Post in Early April

Leah Remini shared in her tribute post to Trish that her daughter’s former nanny had battled cancer for nearly a decade. However, while Remini may have been hoping for her longtime friend to overcome her condition, Trish’s final post suggests she knew her battle was ending. Her final post saw her at the beach on the boardwalk, with a bright smile alongside her family.

“Nothing like a little fam time[!]” the “King of Queens” star’s friend wrote. “To fill the soul with love.”

She shared with her followers that several of her family members had joined her from London, concluding her post with, “boy this goodbye is gonna hurt.”

Whether Trish was referencing her family’s return to London or her own demise, we can’t be sure. But nonetheless, the photo, which was posted just three weeks ago, saw lots of love from fans, encouraging her in her long battle with cancer.

“Stop that you!” one of her followers wrote, adding a heart at the end. Another encouraged, “You look beautiful!! You haven’t come this far to lose your battle.”