Lawsuit Filed Over James Caan‘s Last Movie

by Emily Morgan

Screenwriter Lee Goldberg has filed a lawsuit against multiple production companies regarding the late James Caan’s final film, Fast Charlie.

The new crime drama is director Phillip Noyce’s vision coming to life on Victor Gischler’s novel Gun Monkeys. It follows hitman Charlie Swift (Pierce Brosnan), who has worked for mob boss Stan (James Caan) for decades.

When a rival mob boss tries to take out Stan and his entire organization, he fails to kill Charlie. Now, without his team, Charlie is on the warpath to avenge his friend. He will also stop at nothing to get revenge.

As Deadline reports, Goldberg and his company brought the suit to a Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. They are suing Boomtown Media Partners LLC and Fast Charlie Nola LLC, alleging breach of contract and seeking declaratory relief.

In the past, Goldberg has worked on shows such as “Psych,” “Monk,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and “Baywatch.”

He also alleges that in March 2021, he entered a written contract with Boomtown Media to get the option to acquire the motion picture, television, and ancillary rights to Gun Monkeys. Goldberg wrote the screenplay based on Gischler’s novel of the same name.

According to official documents surrounding the lawsuit, all money owed to Goldberg’s company was to be paid to Goldberg if a film was made based on Gun Monkeys, along with credits in the main titles, home video packaging, and other areas. 

Now, Goldberg alleges Boomtown assigned its rights to Fast Charlie Nola and began shooting Fast Charlie last April. The movie is based on Gun Monkeys. 

However, the plaintiff alleges that they weren’t paid the previously agreed-upon price. In addition, they argue they didn’t get the first opportunity to make any changes to the script.

Ugly lawsuit overshadows James Caan’s work in his final role

Production, which shot the film in New Orleans, has officially wrapped but has not yet been released to the public. 

Now, Goldberg and his company want a judge to order a preliminary injunction stopping the defendants from distributing Fast Charlie until a judgment is made regarding the plaintiffs’ rights to writing and co-producer credits. He is also seeking compensatory damages.

Tragically, Caan died on July 6 at 82 years old. His fans remembered the legendary icon for performing in films such as The GodfatherThief, and Brian’s Song.

In addition to Caan, other actors in Fast Charlie include Gbenga Akkinagbe, Morena Baccarin, and Toby Huss. 

Moreso, Richard Wenk (The Magnificent SevenThe Equalizer) has a screenwriting credit for the film. Daniel Grodnik (Bobby) and Mitchell Welch (Chain of Command) also act as producers. 

David Fannon, Seth Needle, Mark Damon, Tamara Birkemoe, and David Nagelberg served as Executive Producers. UTA Independent Film Group organized the financing.