Leah Remini’s ‘Where is Shelly’ Scientology Twitter Thread Goes Viral: Read

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by JC Olivera/WireImage)

More than 15 years after Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly was last seen, Leah Remini is sharing a new update about the situation.  

To know what’s going on in the situation, we look back at when Leah Remini first addressed Shelly’s disappearance. In 2018, Remind spoke about Shelly during an episode of Leah Reminders: Scientology and Aftermath. She said that Miscavige’s wife hasn’t been seen publicly since her father’s funeral in 2007. She also spoke to Valerie Haney, who served the church’s fraternal religious order, Sea Org, for 22 years about the situation. “What [Miscavige] is doing with his wife, hiding her and not having her anywhere around, I don’t get it. That is heartless to me,” Haney said. 

Lawrence Wright wrote about Shelly in Going Clear: Scientology Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief. It was said that Shelly functioned as a handler of Tom Cruise. Through that role, she supervised Cruz’s relationship with Penelope Cruz. She also helped find the Top Gun star a new partner following his spit from Cruz. 

However, during the wedding of Cruise and his former wife Katie Holmes, Leah Remini noticed that Shelly was nowhere to be seen. However, when she asked about Shelly being noticeably not present, she was “punished” for asking where the Scientologist leader’s wife was. Remini eventually filed a missing person’s report when she didn’t hear from Shelly for quite a while. But nothing came of it.

Now, over 15 years after Shelly was last publicly seen, Leah Remini says she has “a hell of an update” about what’s going on.

Leah Remini Posts Information She Has on Shelly Miscavige

In a series of tweets on Thursday (November 10th), Leah Remini shared details about the new information about Shelly Miscavige’s whereabouts. 

“Meet Cory Palka, a 34-year vet of LAPD and a longtime captain of the Hollywood Division,” Leah Remind explained. “Cory was in charge of the division where I filed my missing person’s report into the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige. Here, Cory accepts a check from Scientology for an LAPD charity.”

Definitely suspect, but that’s not all that Leah Remini discovers. “Here’s where things get interesting… Cory is now being investigated for providing confidential investigative information to top CBS executives. Which begs the question…what investigative information has he provided to Scientology over the years?”

After leaving Scientology in 2013, that was when Leah Remini filed a missing person’s report with the LAPD on Shelly. “By the time I filed the report, it had been nearly eight years since I had seen or heard from Shelly,” she explained.  At Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006, I was shocked when Shelly wasn’t with her husband, David Miscavige.  Tom’s wedding was dubbed ‘the wedding of the century’ in Scientology. It was the most critical event for top Scientologists.”

However, Remini said that hours after she filed the report, the case was closed. The LAPD said they had found Shelly, but wouldn’t give Remini any information. She also noticed a letter from Scientology leaders thanking the detective (Cory) for his help in some matters. “An investigation must be opened into Cory’s relationship with Scientology and the LAPD’s interactions with Scientology overall. And the LAPD must not attend Scientology events anymore or accept their funds. WHERE IS SHELLY???”