Leeza Gibbons Reveals Her Final Text From Olivia Newton-John

by Chris Piner

While starring in Grease as Sandy, Olivia Newton-John’s career expanded well beyond Hollywood as she graced the music industry with her talents. Although her life was full of memorable moments like singing in front of live audiences and acting alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Olivia’s life wasn’t always so grand. In 1992, the same weekend her father died of cancer, the actress received news she had breast cancer. Never letting the disease hinder her from living life and enjoying each moment, on Monday, Olivia passed away from cancer. 

With many celebrities remembering the star, Leeza Gibbons, former co-host of Entertainment Tonight, revealed the last text Olivia Newton-John sent her before passing away. Again, Olivia fought cancer for over 30 years, but according to Gibbons, it never stopped her from performing acts of “grace and goodness.”

“Her last text to me was, ‘I’m grateful for all the love in my life. I’m such a lucky person.’ There will never be another like her…. a true angel on earth. Not just an iconic artist, but a humanitarian and game-changing voice for empowering women to show up for themselves. Like with so many others, she changed my life and encouraged me to reach higher and be better.”

From Fan To Friend

Leeza Gibbons grew up loving Olivia Newton-John and cherished the moment she received the chance to interview her “hero” on Entertainment Tonight in the 80s. Most recently, Gibbons and her husband Steven Fenton visited with Olivia and her husband, John Easterling. Gibbons admitted her friend moved slower, but it never diminished her spirit. “That radiant smile and generous heart was on full display. Olivia is whip-smart and always engages others in conversations about them, rarely talking about herself. She would quickly deflect any discussion of herself or her illness. It just seemed like she had beaten the odds for so long that she could somehow be immortal.” 

Olivia Newton-John Lived Life To The Fullest

Proving how much Olivia Newton-John cared for Gibbons, the winner of Celebrity Apprentice recalled her singing at the season finale of the show in 2015. “She knew I was on the program to raise money for Leeza’s Care Connection, my charity honoring my mom who died of Alzheimer’s. Olivia didn’t hesitate and said, ‘Yes, I’ll be there. These are the things that matter most.’ She was captivating on the show, and secured my victory.”  

Although struggling throughout her life, Gibbons added that Olivia Newton-John achieved anything she put her mind to. “She got a true love affair and soulmate in her husband John Easterling; a successful Cancer and Wellness Center to carry out her legacy; a close relationship with the light of her life, her daughter Chloe, and final, peaceful days at the secluded ranch she loved.”