Leslie Jordan Dies: 911 Call Details Scary Car Crash Scene

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Trisha Leeper/Getty Images for GLAAD)

The 9-1-1 call detailing Leslie Jordan’s tragic death has been released, and it recounts the first moments following his Oct. 24 crash.

How and why Jordan passed away has yet to be determined. As of now, we only know that he died after yesterday morning’s accident, and he may have suffered a heart attack just before the collision.

On Tuesday, the LAFD announced that a passerby alerted 9-1-1 after witnessing the event, which took place in the 900 block of North Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood. When first responders arrived, they saw that his gray sedan had hit a tree and a curb.

The Call Me Kat actor was not breathing and had no pulse when firefighters and paramedics reached him. Workers were able to quickly pull him from the wreckage. And once they did, they attempted to revive him with CPR and defibrillation. But after more than 40 minutes, Jordan had no changes in vital signs, so the LAPD and the medical control Physician at the Paramedic Base Station Hospital announced him dead at the scene at 9:38 am.

This evening, ET released a transcription of the 9-1-1 call that explained the perspective of an eyewitness.

911 Caller Shared That Several People Attempted to Pull Leslie Jordan From the Wreck

“There’s a man in a four-door BMW, in a grey vehicle, that crashed against the building,” the caller told the dispatcher.

The caller said that multiple people witnessed the incident, and several of them were trying to open Leslie Jordan’s door and pull him out. However, they were not able to do so.

TMZ also broke that the 67-year-old actor has been complaining of shortness of breath for the past three weeks. And he had a standing appointment with a cardiologist within the next week. Another witness also said they saw the actor picking up medication at a local pharmacy a few days before his death, according to ET.

The County of Los Angeles Department Medical Examiner will announce the exact cause, time, and manner of death in the near future.

“The love and light that Leslie shared will never go out and we invite you to share your memories and comfort each other during this time,” a rep for the actor wrote on Jordan’s Instagram page. “In the coming days, we will be giving a glimpse of a project Leslie was really proud of and was looking forward to sharing with the world.”