Leslie Jordan Dies: New Details Emerge on Fatal Car Accident

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Yesterday, the world lost an irreplaceable icon in Leslie Jordan when he suffered a medical emergency while driving through Los Angeles and crashed into the side of a building. At the time of the incident, the exact nature of the medical emergency remained unknown.

Now, however, new details have come to light that suggests the beloved actor and comedian suffered a heart attack moments before his untimely death. According to TMZ, law enforcement officials in Hollywood reported that they believe this to be the cause of his horrific car accident.

Sources close to the actor supported this theory, explaining that he was experiencing shortness of breath for three weeks prior to his death. Because of his chronic discomfort, he had scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist set to take place within the week.

It remains unclear whether the assumed heart attack caused Leslie Jordan’s death or the subsequent car accident. Aside from the newly developed shortness of breath, those close to the actor say he was generally healthy.

New Leslie Jordan Interview Surfaces Following His Death

Tragically, Leslie Jordan will never see his final interview with CBS Mornings, nor the overwhelmingly positive effect it’s sure to have on all who view it. Though he made a nearly 4-decade career of acting, Leslie Jordan’s true gift to the world was his enduring positivity, a trait he never hesitated to share with others.

In his interview, the late comedian discussed his unexpected meteoric rise to internet fame during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as his enduring dedication to spreading joy.

“Give me a good pandemic, and I’ll flourish,” Jordan said with a laugh. “I don’t know what happened. People have said to me, ‘What’s the secret?’ I have no idea. It would jump a million a day.”

“I was just thinking, ‘My gosh, who are these people that want to hear what I have to say?” he marveled. “It was just the innocence of it, I guess.”

Leslie Jordan explained that he posted to Instagram twice a day for 80 days while in lockdown. During that time, he found a larger audience than he could have ever imagined – simply by being himself.

“The only thing fame gives you is a platform,” the late actor explained. “And then you have to decide, ‘Am I gonna give or am I gonna take?’ And I want to give. I want to leave a mark in some ways, but I want to be of service.”

“I think that’s it,” he added. “That I want to live a life of service to other people, and that gives me happiness.”