Leslie Jordan’s Final Instagram Post Reveals Everything Great About Him

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Today (October 24), the world lost a true icon in Leslie Jordan. The beloved actor and comedian died at the age of 67 after suffering a medical emergency and crashing into the side of a building. The exact medical emergency remains unknown.

Though Leslie Jordan is best known as an actor, the 134 acting credits he amassed over the span of a nearly 40-year career is just the beginning of his legacy. In addition to his many movie and TV roles, Leslie Jordan was a celebrated social media star, activist, gospel singer, and general bright light in a too-often dark world.

His final Instagram post is the perfect encapsulation of this fact. In it, he sings a hymn with songwriter and producer Danny Myrick. “Danny helped me with a new original song that should be comin’ out real soon. Love. Light. Leslie,” the late actor wrote in the caption.

As Leslie Jordan explained in a 2021 interview with Good Morning America, the secret to his immense success was his unwavering positivity. “Well, I think that I try, on a daily basis, to practice acceptance [and] gratitude,” Jordan said. “I try to stay in the moment.”

“You know, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m perfectly comfortable in who I am, what I am,” he continued. “So it’s all kind of gravy. It’s a wonderful time.”

“Things are happening that I never set out to do like record a gospel album,” he said with a laugh. “Whatever I feel like I want to do seems to come to fruition. So it’s just a good time to be Leslie Jordan!”

Leslie Jordan Once Reflected on His Incredible Social Media Success

News of Leslie Jordan’s death was unsurprisingly met with an outpouring of grief from fans and colleagues alike. No matter how they knew Leslie Jordan in life, however, everyone had a common comment: the actor was an incredible positive force in the world.

Jordan regularly shared this positivity with his Instagram following, which grew to enormous proportions during the pandemic. Many have said that Leslie Jordan’s daily source of sunshine was what got them through the toughest parts of isolation.

Though he remained ever-humble, this fact wasn’t lost on Leslie Jordan. In his GMA interview, he reflected on the impact these videos had and how they weren’t just uplifting to his fans – he felt the positive impact as well.

“I realized very fast, you know, people knew me from my acting parts,” Jordan explained. “Over the years, with Will & Grace and American Horror Story and these other shows, I kind of sometimes play snarky [characters]. And that’s not me!”

“And all of a sudden, people are discovering me on this new platform and it’s me!” he continued. “They’re, like, meeting me. That’s been very gratifying. I get so many comments and wonderful… People stop me in the grocery store and stuff and say, ‘Wow, you really pulled us through a bad time.'”

“I didn’t talk about politics, I didn’t talk about religion. I just tried on a daily basis to bring a little humor. So, it got us through, you know?”