Leslie Jordan’s Final Movie Role Revealed

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

We have some details about the final movie that Leslie Jordan will appear in and it looks like it’s a doozy. Jordan, who died last week after suffering a medical emergency, stars among the cast of Strangers in a Strange Land. The movie is still in the works of being completed but Jordan has a role in it. Tracy Pellegrino, who is a writer and director, told TMZ about the movie.

Jordan’s final film is in post-production. Strangers in a Strange Land happens to be a small independent movie. It will be made up of several short stories. The focus is on foreigners around the world that get into different situations because of their confusion and language barriers. In fact, it’s the Los Angeles portion of this movie where Jordan reportedly stands out.

Leslie Jordan Role Has Him Portraying Southerner In This Movie

In the movie, Jordan will play a southerner in Los Angeles. He tries to both help and gives directions to a Russian man at a bus stop. This man is someone that Jordan’s character finds quite attractive. This type of humor reportedly is along the lines of what Jordan had done in the past. Pellegrino and her husband Mark deliberately wrote the part with Jordan in mind. They were not aware if or when Jordan agreed to be a part of the film. Tracy Pellegrino reportedly knew Jordan for more than 20 years. Pellegrino adds that the movie happened to be filmed over a long period of time.

She said that the movie had parts filmed in Paris, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Rome, Cannes, London, and Brooklyn. Apparently, Jordan filmed his part in the movie back in 2017. No release date has been set up at this time for the movie. Jordan happened to be driving to the set of the Mayim Bialik sitcom Call Me Kat on Monday morning. That’s when Jordan suffered his emergency. The beloved actor was 67 years old.

Actor’s Cause of Death Listed As ‘Deferred’

What was Jordan’s cause of death? The Los Angeles coroner’s office listed it as “deferred.” Officials indicated that Jordan was the lone occupant in his car. Reportedly, the car that Jordan was driving collided with a curb. Officials also pointed out that first responders did spend 40 minutes on life-saving attempts. But it was to no avail. Jordan was pronounced dead last Monday at 9:38 a.m. Pacific Time.

Once news of Jordan’s death started getting spread around, celebrities offered up their own memorials to the funny, talented actor. Bialik was informed that Jordan was en route to the studio to film more Call Me Kat episodes. She would offer up one of the most touching tributes to Jordan’s memory.