‘Lightyear’ Star Chris Evans Admits He Used ‘Shameless Tim Allen Impression’ for Buzz

by Sean Griffin

Even to Chris Evans, Tim Allen will always be the real Buzz Lightyear. In a recent interview to promote his new film Lightyear, Evans talked about the influence of the Allen’s iconic turn as the space commander.

The film Lightyear stars Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear in a Toy Story spinoff. The role of Buzz Lightyear is played by Chris Evans. Recently, the film has made headlines for numerous reasons. Firstly, many fans have debated whether Evans should’ve been cast as Buzz Lightyear. Many thought Tim Allen was still capable of reprising the role. Even Tom Hanks said he wish he could’ve seen Allen in the role. Allen played Buzz Lightyear in the first four Toy Story films.

However, Pixar makes it clear that Lightyear, while inspired by the character from the Toy Story franchise, does not inhabit the same universe. In fact, technically, Evan’s Buzz and Allen’s Buzz are different characters. Chris Evans portrays the actual character of Buzz Lightyear who inspires the series of kids’ toys. Tim Allen voices one of the toys based on the character later portrayed by Evans in the new film.

However, Lightyear has made headlines for other reasons, too. The film is a notable box office bust. It released to global audiences on June 17, 2022. Since that time, the film has only raked in $205 million against a $200 million budget. The only other Pixar films classified as box office busts are Onward (2020) and The Good Dinosaur (2015).

Yet, Chris Evans still enjoyed voicing the iconic animated character. He recently spoke about Tim Allen’s influence on his own version of the space ranger.

Tim Allen’s Iconic Buzz Lightyear Influenced Chris Evans

Recently, Chris Evans had an interview with IMBD. In the interview, he spoke about how Tim Allen’s iconic turn as Buzz influenced his own voice acting. He claimed he couldn’t stop sounding like the star at the beginning.

“I mean, I was really dоing a shameless Tim Allen impression in my first couple оf sessions. In the interview, Evans added, “Yоu can’t help it. Sо, while he was undoubtedly the mоdel, there must be rооm tо add sоme subtlety.”

The film’s story depicts a young Buzz Lightyear. In the plot, the astronaut tries to find his way back home after being diverted to a hostile planet with his crew and commander. On the way back, he also must confront an evil threat to the safety of the universe.

While Tim Allen won’t star as the character Buzz Lightyear, you’ll have to watch the new movie to see how Allen’s iconic voice lives on through Evan’s take on the character.

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