Lisa Marie Presley Heading to Court Over Ex-Husband’s Child Support in Wake of ‘Elvis’ Movie

by Joe Rutland

The former husband of Lisa Marie Presley is seeking additional child support payment from the daughter of Elvis Presley. Michael Lockwood, PopCulture reports, will have the opportunity to introduce “live evidence” at an upcoming trial. Lockwood also will have the opportunity to question Lisa Marie about her finances in court. At this time, she is paying him $4,641 in monthly payments. She does not reportedly believe that she has to pay more.

In his recent court filing, Lockwood said, “I am struggling to survive and for the past year subsisted on little more than unemployment compensation and emergency relief compensation from the government.” Lockwood added, “During our marriage, [Lisa Marie] insisted that I refuse jobs with other artists and forced me to work exclusively with her as a musician.”

Lisa Marie Presley Financial Life Put Under Microscope

Lisa Maire Presley filed for divorce from Lockwood after 10 years of marriage in 2016. The couple have 11-year-old twins in Harper and Finley. Meanwhile, a prenup was signed by Lockwood. It reportedly prevents him from seeking spousal support. Now, she didn’t have to pay child support due to debt owed when they split up. That would include a $10 million tax bill.

But Lisa Marie has accused Lockwood of having inappropriate photos of Harper and Finley on his computer. Lockwood denied this charge. No charges were filed about the issue. Why is Lockwood seeking more money? Because of improved financial conditions for Lisa Marie. Lockwood said that she earns reportedly $3.2 million annually.

She Talked About Getting Comments Regarding ‘Elvis’ Movie

As part of his court filing, Lockwood indicated that Lisa Marie picked up $900,000 for a book deal. Also, she gained more than $1 million in a settlement. In the filing, he also said that “she has anywhere to half a million and a million a year in personal expenses that she runs through her various businesses.” He claims that she receives money from the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis which stars Austin Butler. Lockwood also states that she is the beneficiary and oversees a trust established after the 1977 death of Elvis Presley. The trust is worth an estimated $60 million. Lisa Marie is the lone child from the marriage between Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

Speaking of the recent movie that also stars Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker, Lisa Marie talked about her social media platforms being flooded by comments. She wrote on Instagram back on June 25, “Hi there. All of my socials are being flooded with so many incredibly positive comments about the ‘Elvis’ movie with many saying they are seeing it two and three times already.” We will be watching to see what happens in this court case and let you know upon a decision.