Lisa Marie Presley’s Heartbreaking Words After Learning Elvis Died Revealed by The King’s Stepbrother

by Emily Morgan

When Elvis Presley passed away suddenly on August 16, 1977, it shook the nation. People everywhere mourned the loss of the icon, from his loyal fans to his closest friends. However, one person was affected most by the tragedy: Elvis’ only child, Lisa Marie. 

Now, Presley’s stepbrother has recalled little Lisa Marie’s heartbreaking words after discovering her father had passed away at just 42. 

During an interview with The Sun, David Stanley revealed he was at Presley’s Graceland on the day of his stepbrother’s death on August 16, 1977. When Lisa Marie came to find him, he, unfortunately, had some devastating news for the nine-year-old. 

Stanley recalled how he was playing pool with a friend when Lisa Marie, came running to him with the sorrowful words: “Daddy is sick … we cannot wake him up.”

David, who worked as Elvis’s bodyguard and tour manager since Elvis was 16, said The King collapsed on the toilet at his Graceland mansion hours before he was due to kick off a new tour in Portland, Oregon. David opened up about the anguishing memories ahead of the release of the film Elvis, which follows Presley’s rise to fame and stars Austin Butler and Tom Hanks

Lisa Marie Presley’s Emotional Words, Elvis’ stepbrother recalls The King’s final moments

“I was at Graceland in the basement playing pool with a buddy of mine before things got busy as we were heading out on tour,” he recalled of the tragic day. According to Stanley’s retelling, Lisa Marie told him, “David, Daddy is sick.” When he asked what was wrong with him, she said, “we cannot wake him up.”

“She told me people were with him, so I told my friend I’d run him home because I suspected we may have to cancel a tour or make some arrangements,” he added of that fateful day. “After dropping him off nearby, as I drove back into the gates of Graceland, an ambulance pulled in before me.”

He continued: “They went to the front of the house and I drove to the back, and I started getting nervous. I didn’t panic because I’d pulled him out of a dozen overdose situations. I ran up the steps, into his room, the bathroom where Elvis was laying in the fetal position.” 

As he recalls, Elvis’ father, Vernon, was in distress after realizing there was no saving him. “I saw his face buried in the carpet. I don’t know whether he fell off the toilet when he had his heart attack.”

Paramedics rushed Elvis to a nearby hospital, but it was too late. Lisa Marie also revealed how her dad kissed her and put her to bed the night before he passed away, then she woke up and realized something wasn’t right.

In a previous interview, Lisa Marie recalled the moment just before she lost her father. “I knew something was wrong because I was in my room which was right next to his bathroom. All the commotion and everything. I was a wreck.”