Lisa Marie Presley Says There’s a Secret ‘Creepy’ Shrine to Elvis in Graceland

by Taylor Cunningham

While Elvis Presley’s famed Graceland home is open for people to tour, there is a secret area that no one is allowed to visit except for Lisa Marie and her most trusted staff members.

When the King of Rock died in 1977, Lisa Marie, his only child, inherited his Memphis, TN, home. And upon his death, she asked that the upstairs rooms remain exactly how they were on the day that he passed. And over 40 years later, that request remains intact.

“The upstairs at Graceland, even when Elvis was here, was always a very private part of the home,” said Graceland archivist Angie Marchese. “Even Elvis’ closest friends and family didn’t go upstairs unless personally invited. And when we opened up for tours in 1982, the family requested that we keep the upstairs private. And we still honor that request and keep it private today.”

Marchese said that his bedroom truly does look exactly as though he “just got up one day and left.”

The room still holds all of his furniture and personal effects, aside from his clothes, which are on display in archives. The record player sits with the last disc he played inside—a track by his backup singers JD Sumner and the Stamps. And there is also a styrofoam cup from August 16, 1977, sitting on a shelf.

Graceland’s Second Floor Was Elvis’ Private Retreat

The second floor of Graceland is comprised of a few rooms. But the most notable is a gigantic suite that was fashioned especially for Elvis to escape his hoards of fans. In all, it includes an office, multiple walk-in closets, a sleeping area, and the bathroom where he died.

According to Elvis’ former girlfriend, Linda Thompson, the decor is black, red, and gold. And The King never allowed anyone to open his windows.

His daughter’s childhood bedroom also sits right outside the bathroom. And she was asleep behind the door the day that Elvis’ body was found.

Lisa Marie said that to this day, she likes to go upstairs alone because “it’s very comforting” to be surrounded by all of his things.

“Nothing has been touched. It’s exactly the same. There was a whole life in that house,” she said. “It’s a beautiful sadness. It’s either really painful or it’s very comforting – it goes either way. The carpet is the same. My room is exactly the same. Nothing has been touched.

“Upstairs, which has never been open to the public, is my room and his room, next to each other, and an attic. It’s pretty creepy,” she admitted. “It’s a shrine.”