Lisa Marie Presley Speaks Out About Her Socials ‘Being Flooded’ Following ‘Elvis’ Biopic Premiere

by Samantha Whidden

As the popularity of the biopic “Elvis” continues to increase, Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley speaks about her social media accounts being flooded with fans’ comments and messages. 

In her Instagram post on Saturday (June 25th), featuring a snapshot from the biopic, Lisa Marie Presley stated, “Hi there. All of my My socials are being flooded with so many incredibly positive comments about the ‘Elvis’ movie with many saying they are seeing it two and three times already.”

Lisa Marie Presley also wrote that she made the post so that fans can share their thoughts on it instead of sending her messages. “Just so you can comment away about it. What did you think and will you be seeing it again?”

Fans of the film began to gush about it on Lisa Marie’s post. “Typically not a big of [Baz] Luhrmann,” one fan wrote. “Austin Butler gave an Oscar performance and did the best reproduction of Elvis I’ve ever seen. I grew up on Elvis and AB performing 168 special/Vegas years is mind blowing. At times thought it was real footage.”

Another fan stated that they sang along, cheered, danced in their seat, and cried. “I will never forget the experience nor will I forget your father or his legacy.”

Lisa Marie Presley Says ‘Elvis’ Brings Up ‘Generational Trauma’ But in a ‘Good Way’ 

During the special, “Exclusively Elvis: A Special Edition of 20/20” Lisa Marie Presley stated that “Elvis” brings up such generational trauma but in a good way. 

“It was such an emotional [experience],” Lisa Marie stated. “Like Riley [Keough] said, it just brings up such generational trauma in a good way. And Riley, five minutes in, was already like, ‘I’m done.’ She was already crying, and I was crying.”

Keough also described the “Elvis” story as being really intense for her. “As a film, it’s just an exceptional film,” she said. Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla, also spoke about the film. “I’m sitting there watching this movie and going, ‘God, I wish he could see this. It was perfection.”

Pricilla also reflected on the scene where Elvis was asked to seek treatment for his drug dependency. She said the scene brought back memories. “It was getting more and more frightening as time went by where he just was like, rebelling.”

Meanwhile, Priscilla describes Austin Butler, who plays Elvis, as being unbelievable. “As I was watching it, actually, I was going, ‘Wow, this is a movie that [Elvis] would have really loved.’ Showing who he was, what he was striving for, what his dreams were.”

Priscilla went on to add that while it was strange seeing someone portraying her, she was happy with Olivia DeJonge’s portrayal. “I’m so happy that she was sensitive and that she was caring and that she was a little strong with him as well, and you know, I thought she did a really nice job. I was pleasantly surprised.”