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Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter Riley Keough Writes Emotional Eulogy in Mother’s Honor

by Samantha Whidden
Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for ELLE)

Prior to the memorial service for Lisa Marie Presley at Graceland on Sunday (January 22nd), Riley Keough wrote an emotional eulogy that honored her mother. 

During the service, Riley Keough’s husband Ben Smith-Petersen took to the podium to read her eulogy, which was titled A Letter to My Mama. In the letter, she thanked Lisa Marie for being her mother in this life. “I am eternally grateful to have spent 33 years with you,” Riley wrote. “I am certain I chose the best mother for me in this world, and I knew that as far back as I can remember you.”

Keough then recalled childhood memories of her mother. This included listening to Aretha Franklin while driving in the car and cuddling in bed at night. “I remember you singing to me and my brother lullabies at night, and how you’d lay with us until we fell asleep,” she continued. 

Riley went on to thank her mother for showing her that love is the only thing that matters in life. The actress also publicly confirm that she and Smith-Petersen have a baby girl. She wrote that she hopes she can love the little one the way Lisa Marie loved her. 

Along with thanking Lisa Marie for always being there for her, Riley thanked her mother for giving her strength, heart, empathy, courage, sense of humor, temper, wildness, and tenacity. “I am a product of your heart,” Keough declared. “My sisters are a product of your heart. My brother is a product of your heart. We are you, you are us, my eternal love.”

Riley Keough added she also hopes Lisa Marie finally knows how loved she was when she was alive. “Thank you for trying so hard for us. If I didn’t tell you every day, thank you.”

One of Riley Keough’s Twin Sisters Writes Special Poem Dedicated to Their Mother Lisa Marie

Along with Riley Keough, Priscilla Presley took to the podium to read a poem that was written by one of Lisa Marie’s twin daughters, Finley and Harper.

In the poem, which is titled The Old Soul, it was revealed that Lisa Maire always knew she wouldn’t be here too long. “Childhood passes by with a glimpse of her green eye. She then grew a family of her own. Then came her second child, leading her to suspicion. Could this be the angel who takes me home?”

However, as time flew by, the tragedy of losing her son, Benjamin Keough, occurred. Benjamin died by suicide in June 2020 and was buried by his grandfather, Elvis Presley, and other members of the Presley family at Graceland. At that point, the poem reads that Lisa Marie seemed to know it was close to the end for her. “Survivors guilt, some would say, but a broken heart was the doing of her death,” the poem continued. “Now she is home where she always belong, but my heart is missing her love.” 

The poem concludes with Lisa Marie’s daughter writing her heart misses her. “She knew that I loved her. I fear I’ll never touch her. But the old soul is always with me. She doesn’t drift above.”