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LISTEN: 911 Call Paints Terrifying Picture of Moments Following Jeremy Renner’s Snowplow Accident

by Joe Rutland
jeremy renner photo
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Portions of a 911 call paint a rather scary picture just in the moments after Jeremy Renner was run over by a snowplow. In the call released by the New York Post, you can hear a gentleman giving information to a 911 operator. On there, we learn that Renner is having extreme difficulty in breathing. There is a significant amount of back and forth between both people. Renner’s accident took place on New Year’s Day. Listen to a portion of this 911 call below.

Renner has been recovering in the hospital from his injuries suffered in the accident. But he’s now back at home and recuperating there. He’s undergone a number of operations after suffering blunt-force chest trauma. But the Mayor of Kingstown star was feeling somewhat better. He was able to watch an episode of his show while at home. He even tweeted about it. Renner wrote, “Outside my brain fog in recovery. I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home.”

Injuries Suffered By Jeremy Renner Might Be Worse Than Thought

Now, what type of condition is Renner in at this time? Apparently, it might be worse than we’ve been led to believe. According to another report from The Post, it could take him at least two full years to recover from his injuries. “It’s much worse than anyone knows,” a source told the outlet. “Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died out there.” Jeremy Renner was out in the snow clearing the way for a stranded motorist. When he got out of the snowplow, it started to roll. At a whopping close to 14,330 pounds, at least that big, the snowplow ran over Renner. It crushed his leg and caused other significant injuries to Renner’s body.

A source indicated, “Word is the damage to Jeremy’s chest was so substantial, it had to be reconstructed in surgery.” But Mayor of Kingstown co-creator Hugh Dillon offered up a bit of good news about Renner. At first, though, he talked about where he heard about Renner’s accident. “I heard about it from one of the other producers,” Dillon said. “I saw it on the news, and then he sent me a video.” About the actor himself, Dillon offered up that he is very funny. “I just think the world of that guy, and I’m happy he’s surrounded by his family,” he said. “Anything we can do to help, we will. That’s the biggest thing. He’s like family.” Dillon adds that once he’s recovered from his injuries, Renner will be “pissed off and ready to rock.”