LOOK: Mike Rowe Reflects on ‘TODAY Show’ Appearance With Mom in Hilarious New Post

by Samantha Whidden

Following his and his mother’s appearance on the TODAY Show, Mike Rowe took to his Instagram account to reflect the duo had after the morning show interview. Rowe and his mother were on the TODAY Show to promote the new book Vacuuming in the Nude: And Other Ways to Get Attention. This is the second book his mother released. She released her first book in 2018 when she was 80 years old. 

In his post, Mike Rowe recalled the conversation between him and his mother after the show. “Mom: ‘How do you think the appearance on the show went?’ Me: Pretty good, all things considered.’ Mom: ‘All things considered?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Considering the fact that you just told America I mailed you a baby bottle filled with semen, I thought it went great.’”

While speaking on the TODAY Show about her new book, Mike Rowe’s mom stated that it consists of short humorous stories about her becoming a published author. “The title is a metaphor for the things we try to do to get attention. In my effort to become a writer, I did a. Lot of things to get attention. Although no really vacuuming in the nude.”

Mike Rowe chimed in and gave his thoughts on the topic. As the morning hosts said the situation has to be every son’s nightmare, the Dirty Jobs host declared, “it’s a dream, Al. It’s a dream, for sure. Every time she writes a book, I have to write the forward. Which becomes challenging.”

Mike Rowe’s ultimate advice to those who are trying to get published is simple. Keep writing. That’s when she reflected on the incident with the bottle. “He worked on a quarter horse farm in Texas and he sent me a bottle of semen from a world famous stallion.”

Mike Rowe Praises His Mother For Following Her Dreams to Become a Published Author 

Along with his appearance on the TODAY Show, Mike Rowe spoke to Fox News about how proud he is of his mother for following her dream to become a published author. 

“My mom has written every single day for the last 60 years,” Mike Rowe explained. To this day when she goes out in public, she has her yellow legal pad. She interviews strangers and sh writes down their stories. She became a bestselling author at 80 and ever since… we’ve created a monster.”

Also explaining everything she did to become a published author, Mike Rowe’s mother shared, “I’ve been writing for many years and writers use a lot of different methods to get attention from publishers and readers. I didn’t actually [vacuum naked], but a friend did, and then afterward… Her husband would join her in the shower.”