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LOOK: Missy and Jase Robertson Finally Got Their ‘Hands and Hearts’ Around New Grandson

by Joe Rutland
jase robertson photo
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Missy and Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty are sure looking pretty happy with their new grandson to dote over these days. The happy couple headed out to Instagram to share their bliss. As you can tell, Missy has her grandson safely in her arms. Both she and Jase decided to take a sweet selfie with David Silas Robertson. Let’s see what Missy wrote in the caption.

“We finally got our hands and hearts around this little nugget today,” Missy wrote. “He came early and surprised everyone. Welcome to the world, David Silas Robertson. God created it for you!” Fans were filling up the comments section with their own thoughts. One wrote, “Congrats, God Bless”. Another fan wrote, “So precious”. This fan said, “Beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!!” Jase Robertson and Missy can spend time looking over two precious photos of their grandson. This is more good news for members of the Robertson clan.

Jase Robertson Revealed The No. 1 Reality TV Myth

When it comes to reality TV shows, the Robertsons know a thing or two about them. When you have great success with Duck Dynasty as they did, then they know about some of the ins and outs of reality TV. So, what do you think is the No. 1 reality TV myth? Jase was appearing on a podcast and talked about it. People who have never seen the show believe that it’s all staged. That’s because they don’t like it or have never seen it before. Jase Robertson captioned the video, “This is the number one reality TV myth I hear. They say everything on Duck Dynasty and Duck Family Treasure is so crazy, it must be staged. Really? You couldn’t make up Uncle Si if you tried!”

Meanwhile, one time Jase Robertson had to get serious with the show’s producers. Apparently, there was something going on in the production of the show that got to Robertson. He talked about it a little bit on his father Phil Robertson‘s podcast Unashamed. Jase felt like he needed to send a rather pointed email to them. What was it about? They used “blips” in the show production. This would let viewers think that they were using curse words. One time they did this process when Korie Robertson was talking. In an Instagram post, Jase wanted to make it clear that he’d never heard Korie curse anywhere at all.

Finally, we have this funny tale of the time that Jase Robertson visited his son Reed in Nashville, Tennessee. While at his son’s house, Jase goes and checks out the pantry. What does he find? A bunch of sardines. He thinks that’s part of Reed’s diet. Well, it wasn’t. It actually was being used for bait, Reed said.