LOOK: Rob Lowe Poses With ‘Drug Smuggling’ Boat That Washed Up on His Beach

by Craig Garrett

Rob Lowe is having an interesting Labor Day, after claiming to discover a “drug smuggling” boat on his beachfront property. The 911: Lone Star actor shared an image of his find on his Instagram. In the picture, Lowe looks grim as he leans against the modest, somewhat generic boat.

“This drug smuggling boat landed on our beach in the middle of the night,” Rob Lowe captioned the image. Then, perhaps implying the social media post is a joke, he adds, “Happy Labor Day!” No other context is given by the actor in regard to the boat that washed up on his property. However, his family was quick to chime in.

Rob Lowe’s brother (and co-star on 911: Lone Star) Chad, poked fun at his brother. “Isla gonna be off the chain tonight!!”, he commented. Meanwhile, his son John Owen Lowe seemed a bit chagrined by the humor of the post. “We need to start teaching our parents internet literacy and decorum,” Johnny quipped.

Rob Lowe and his son are frequent collaborators

Rob Lowe and John Owen announced in April that they will be starring in Netflix‘s comedy series Unstable. The father and son duo also serve as co-creators and executive producers alongside Victor Fresco. The series sounds like a fun comedy vehicle for Lowe.

“The series is set in a cutting-edge biotech research company, following an introverted, socially-challenged son who goes to work for his very successful, wildly eccentric father in order to save him from disaster,” Netflix said in a press release about the show. The social media interactions between Rob Lowe and John Owen –– consisting of John Owen often trolling the Parks and Recreation alum–– were what sparked the idea for this series.

John Owen announced his new role on Instagram with a lighthearted jab at his father. “So excited for this. Who would have known that my childhood trauma would pay off!?,” the TV writer quipped. The caption was alongside a headline of the casting news. This isn’t the first time he’s collaborated with his famous father. John Owen also writes for Rob Lowe’s current series, 911: Lone Star.

However, the trolling between John Owen and Rob Lowe is all in good fun. John Owen clearly has a lot of respect for his famous father. He recently told People about his admiration for the veteran actor. “When you consider what he went through in his 20s, his meteoric rise and some turbulence, and being in the public eye for decades… To come out a family man, a really, really good father, a really, really strong husband, and just a fun, kind guy to be around, that’s the day-to-day example he sets.”