LOOK: Rob Lowe Posts Epic Pic With His Sons on the Water

by Chris Piner

It is hard to believe that Rob Lowe started his Hollywood career back in 1979 when cast in the sitcom A New Kind of Family. What makes it even stranger is how the actor appears to have stopped aging. Born in March of 1964, the star is currently 58 years old and doesn’t look like it in the slightest. Beyond his looks, the actor starred in hit shows like The West Wing, Parks and Recreation, and 9-1-1: Lone Star. As for his personal life, Lowe married Sheryl Berkoff back in 1991. Sharing over 30 years of marriage, the happy couple has two children. And celebrating his career and prosperous life, Lowe recently posted a few pictures of his family and his surfing talent. 

Again, Rob Lowe defies the aging process. One prime example of this was when the actor shared a picture of him sitting with his boys on a boat. Soaking in the sun, not a single one of them decided to wear a shirt. And sitting in the middle is Rob Lowe, looking as if he is nothing more than an older brother to the two. But remember, the actor is almost 60. 

While a shirtless picture is more than enough for fans of Rob Lowe, the star decided to showcase one of his many talents, which apparently included surfing. He uploaded another picture of him appearing to dominate the waves, but his son might have exposed the actor when he replied to the post, “All it takes is an artificial wave for you to finally get a barrel.” 

Rob Lowe Recalls Working With Mike Myers

Although Rob Lowe might need some assistance catching the perfect wave, he needs no help in Hollywood. Back in February, the celebrity discussed his wonderful life with Entertainment Tonight. He said,  “I’m blessed with a great marriage. Sheryl and I have been married now 30, it’ll be 31, years. My crazy, lovely Sheryl. The boys are happy, healthy, doing well. “I’ve never been busier on so many [things]… I’m very curious. I love to work and I love to create. I’d like to leave a legacy. Turns out that this is the time of my life right now, and I’m very cognizant of being grateful for that.”

Recalling some of his most memorable roles in Hollywood, Rob Lowe revealed no person made him laugh as much as Mike Myers on the set of Austin Powers. “My number one memory of that was watching Mike as Dr. Evil and as Fat Bastard. It was like I was a kid… When Mike ad-libbed ‘Get in my belly,’ I was right there. I’ll never forget it as long as I’ll live. ‘I want my baby back, baby back, baby back.’ And then the rap that Dr. Evil does with Mini-Me. For a person who loves comedy like I do… to watch someone like Mike just channeling and crushing like that, forget being the actor in it, just being a fan of seeing genius like that. That’s why we still talk about it… those characters are iconic.”