LOOK: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Reflects on Incredible Moment He Shared the Room With the Rat Pack

by Joe Rutland

Whatever compelled Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman to share this throwback moment with the Rat Pack doesn’t matter. It’s the Rat Pack, baby. Perlman gives us the backstory to this amazing photo in an Instagram post. Yet this really happens to be one of the last times Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. were together.

They all were getting ready to go out on what they called the Reunion Tour. It would be a time and place where they could sing their hits and, well, be themselves. Man, getting a seat at the Sands Hotel in the 1960s and watching these guys work a room was a treat. You can tell how much respect and admiration Perlman had for these talented musicians and entertainers through his words.

All three of them would go out as the tour started. Early on, though, Martin left it. Who would Frank and Sammy get to join them? None other than Liza Minnelli. It was not that big of a stretch because both men were big fans of Minnelli’s mother, Judy Garland. They probably knew Liza from her youth and through her own music and acting success with Cabaret.

Ron Perlman Stirs Up Fans Memories, Thoughts With Photo

Getting a chance to be in the same room as these cats? Holy cow, it would make the neck on the back of our necks stand up too. This also would be the last time that Sinatra and Davis would perform together. As we said, back in the 1960s, all three men were tight. The Rat Pack would also include, at times, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and even Shirley MacLaine. Do we need to point out some of the hits Sinatra, Davis, and Martin had individually? We’ll do one for reach. Sinatra had, of course, many but let’s go with “Witchcraft.” Davis? Let’s go with “I Gotta Be Me.” For Martin, the guy who also teamed up with Jerry Lewis, it’s gotta be “Everybody Loves Somebody.”

Fans were in awe of this picture, too. One writes, “Three of my favorites. This generation will never get a chance to experience these talented men.” True words indeed. Another one says, “That’s one awesome memory!!” This one kind of sums up some thoughts, too. The fan writes, “Wow the conversation in that room must have been amazing”.  

Ron Perlman has a new role in an action-thriller. According to Deadline, he and others in the cast just put a wrap on filming Joe Baby in Mississippi. It is directed by Steven Brand. Others in the cast include Dichen Lachman, Willa Fitzgerald, and Harvey Keitel. Be on the lookout for this one when it comes out for you to see. Perlman always does solid work.