LOOK: Tom Cruise’s Son Reels in Massive Fish Bigger Than Him

by Megan Molseed

It looks like mega movie star Tom Cruise’s son, Connor is a big fish in his own right. Well, he’s reeling them in at least!

In a recent Instagram post, the son of Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise and his ex-wife, Being The Ricardo’s star Nicole Kidman showed off a massive catch. It’s a fish that is even bigger than the 27-year-old fisherman, sending Connor and his fellow fisherman into a whirl of excitement as they celebrate the massive Warsaw.

“Got it done yesterday with the boys,” Connor Cruise shares on his Instagram account Sunday morning. The dedicated fisherman then notes that this “Warsaw on the hand crank,” weighs in at a whopping 301 pounds.

Connor Cruise’s Deep Sea Fishing Isn’t His Only Passion

Connor Cruise found his love for deep-sea fishing over a year ago. And, apparently, the young Cruise has a natural talent for the activity. However, another passion of Cruise’s has been a big part of his life – even from childhood. Connor’s love of music became evident when he was just a little kid. In fact, he was able to turn this passion into a career by the age of 16 when he started a turn DJ’ing under the name DJ C-Squared.

When Connor Cruise isn’t on the open waters working on his newest hobby, pulling in some impressive deep-sea catches, he can typically be seen performing shows all around the world.

“Connor lives in Clearwater,” a source tells People of Tom Cruise’s son.

“Which is the (Church of Scientology’s) main hub,” the source adds.

“He still deejays but he has really become a big fishing guy,” they continue. “He’s content with living a quieter life.”

Tom Cruise’s Son Is Regularly Showing Off Some Impressive Deep-Sea-Fishing Trophies

Long before Connor Cruise pulled in the massive catch mentioned above, he was regularly catching some impressive deep-sea fish weighing around 200 pounds. The son of the two world-famous film stars showed off one of these catches in a 2021 Instagram post, showing off a 200-pound yellowfin tuna he reeled in during a fishing trip.

While the Warsaw Connor caught this weekend is bigger than the fisherman, this yellowtail appears to be at least the same size as Connor as he holds the catch by the tail.

“Yellowfin were chewing today #200# @hook360 @lossuenosresort,” Connor Cruise says in the picture’s caption.