Louie Anderson’s Relatives Claim He Was Victim of Elder Abuse, Court Docs Reveal

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly eight months after his death from cancer at the age of 68, the family of Louie Anderson is now claiming the stand-up comedian was a victim of elder abuse. 

According to the legal documents that were obtained by The Blast, Louie Anderson’s sister, Lisa, says he was a victim of “elder abuse” in his final days. This resulted in a drastic change in the distribution of his fortune. His sister filed a petition with the court asking a judge to invalidate a late change in the comedian’s trust. This change will make a difference in how the late comedian’s fortune is given to family members and friends. 

In the legal documents, Louie Anderson’s sister accuses several associates of her brother of conspiring to change the legal documents. The documents originally paid a higher percentage of the royalties and money from Anderson’s work to his siblings. Anderson does not have any children to give his fortune to. Those she accuses of making these changes are Ahmos Hassan, who is labeled as Anderson’s agent. Abraham Geisness, who is the late comedian’s manager, is also listed.

Furthermore, Louie Anderson’s sister stated that at one point in time, Geisness was her brother’s lover. 

Louie Anderson Struggled With Various Health Battles During the Final Years of His Life 

Louie Anderson’s sister pointed out that the late comedian suffered various health battles during the final years of his life. Of the issues was obesity, which resulted in a heart attack and bypass surgery. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013 and had prostate cancer in 2020. 

During the time period when he had cancer, Louis Anderson wanted to have a family reunion. He decided to have the get-together in Florida for one of his shows. She claimed that after the event, Anderson wanted to fly to California because he thought Hassan was “stealing from him.”

As Louie Anderson’s condition worsened, his sister shared that family members volunteered to live with him. When it became obvious that things took a turn, the sibling said she got an odd call from a friend. They claimed that Anderson said, “I don’t want Lisa to come out here and I’ll call her when I want her to come out.” 

Lisa recounted what happened next. “Louie spoke with long hesitations between his words and it appeared he was being coached to say the words he was uttering. This was strange because earlier, Louie had wanted [her] to come out and lie next to him on a new bed he wanted to purchase. Throughout his life, Louie and [her] had a special, loving bond and called each other every day, sometimes twice a day.” 

Changes in Louie Anderson’s trust changed when the late comedian became incoherent, Lisa claims.