Lucille Ball’s Daughter Reveals Health Update After Major Surgery

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that she’ll be having major surgery on her knee, Lucille Ball’s daughter Lucie Arnaz gives her Instagram followers more details about the procedure.

While speaking about her knee, Lucille Ball’s daughter wrote about what led to the procedure.  “Here’s the deal, the doctor I went to first when I had the injury, ordered an immediate MRI, wise, but before waiting for the results, said he would give me a cortisone shot in my knee to help me feel better.’ And it did.”

Although helpful to stop the pain, the doctor seemed to forget that once a patient has a cortisone shot, they cannot have surgery for three months after. “Why in God’s name would he do that before even knowing the results of the MRI?” Lucille Ball’s daughter asked. “Turns out the MRI showed major tears and with the past history of my knees, I was looking at replacement surgery to return to my work.”

Unfortunately, the injury only became worse after several weeks. She had to cancel concerts due to the injury. “But I cannot truly begin the healing process until after I have this knee surgery not scheduled until September 29th. I have had to just wait this out for three months!!”

Meanwhile, Lucille Ball’s daughter said she has been doing physical therapy and walking in the pool every day to strengthen the surrounding muscles. She’s hoping this will make the rehab go quicker. “I tell you this in the hope that someone can benefit from this information I was unaware of at the and never let some bozo doctor give you a cortisone shot if there is ANY possibility that you might need surgery soon.”

Followers Offer Supporter to Lucille Ball’s Daughter As She Waits for Knee Surgery 

Meanwhile, Lucie Arnav’s followers offer love and support as she endures another month or so of pain in her knee. 

“Have had two knee replacements. You are doing all the correct things. Here’s to smooth sailing with the operation,” one follower wrote. Another then shared, “Man I’m so sorry to hear this. I see my surgeon Monday and am hoping for no surgery (sprained probably torn LCL right knee) but I will need an MRI too. Keep up the rehab and sing your scales every day.”

Other followers took aim at the doctor who gave Lucille Ball’s daughter a cortisone shot before knowing all the details about her knee injury. “Bozo doctor for sure! Do heal well, blessings to a safe journey.”

“At least you got your MRI,” another follower added. “I’ve been in a knee brace for 3 months and in pt for 2 months and insurance company continues to refuse the MRI.”