Marilyn Monroe Honored With Touching Memorial on 60th Anniversary of Her Death

by Alex Falls

Few celebrities can match the kind of star power the late Marilyn Monroe generated at the height of her fame. Her fans continue to celebrate her extraordinary memory decades after her untimely passing. Last Friday marked the 60th anniversary of Monroe’s passing at the age of 36.

To memorialize the iconic actress, the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club held its annual Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service at the Westwood Village Memorial Park in LA. The same cemetery where Monroe was laid to rest.

The fan club also honored Monroe through various looks at the memorial proceedings that celebrated her life throughout the week. One piece of history they showcased included the actual program from her memorial service 60 years ago.

The release from Monroe’s funeral reads, “We sincerely hope that the many friends of Marilyn will understand that we are deeply appreciative of their desire to pay last respects to Marilyn whom we all loved. We hope that each person will understand that last rites must of great necessity be as private as possible so that she can go to her final resting place in the quiet she has always sought. We could not in conscience ask one personality to attend without perhaps offending many-many others and for this reason alone, we have kept the number of persons to a minimum. Please – all of you – remember the gay, sweet Marilyn and say a prayer of farewell within the confines of your home or your church.”

Remembering Marilyn Monroe

Monroe’s fans honor her memory at any opportunity. A video taken by the Marilyn Monroe Collection Instagram page shows her gravesite lovingly adorned in flowers and photos left by fans looking to pay their respects.

“It was a simply gorgeous day before the 60th Anniversary Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service yesterday evening, hosted by the @marilynremembered fan club,” they wrote alongside the video. “I shot this quick video in the morning. A light breeze was in the air, and butterflies fluttered amongst the hedges. Not long after I filmed a young boy about five years old visited Marilyn with his dad. I thought Marilyn probably would have loved that moment considering how much she loved children.”

A follow-up video showed Monroe’s gravesite after the memorial service took place. Her burial place almost always features a loving tribute of some kind. But her anniversary service brings the biggest displays of affection possible. Showing just how beloved the actress remains all these years later.

“Marilyn received flowers from around the world in recognition of the 60th anniversary of her passing,” said in the post “The display today after last night’s memorial service by @marilynremembered is beyond stunning. She’s still very loved.”

Fans are also looking forward to the next big screen adaptation of Monroe’s life. Blonde just recently released its first trailer and the film is scheduled to land on Netflix on September 28th.