Mark Wahlberg Jokes He Has ‘No Authority’ Over Daughter Ella Rae on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

by Craig Garrett

Mark Wahlberg is about to have a house full of teenage kids, and the veteran actor is doing his best to just roll with it. The actor spoke about how his three oldest children are all teenagers on Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan. Those kids range from 13 to 18 years old. His daughter Grace Margaret will join them in January when she turns 13.

When host Ryan Seacrest asked Mark Wahlberg what the kids were up to, he replied that Ella was getting ready to graduate from high school and begin her college applications. “My 18-year-old, now I literally have no authority over her until she realizes she needs me financially,” he quipped. “She’s doing tattoos and all this stuff but she’s now really focused on academics, which is great. It took her a while to get there.”

The Departed star plans on touring colleges with Ella once she graduates. “She’s going to graduate mid-year and then we’re going on tour,” he explained. “She’s picking the most random places… San Diego State, Clemson… so we’re going to go to all these places.” Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but chime in some advice about the situation. Her oldest offspring just graduated college. Meanwhile, her other two children are currently attending. “Don’t say a word. Do you hear me? You don’t say a word.” “That’s the motto with my oldest daughter and my wife!” Mark Wahlberg replied.

She later warned Mark about attempting to influence his child’s college pick. “If you think whatever school is the best place, you shut it. Because you will talk them right out of that school.” He seemed to agree with Ripa and shared his strategy. “I will take that advice because we’re literally going from one school to the other,” Wahlberg said.

Mark Wahlberg strongly approves of Ella’s Boyfriend

Recently, Mark Wahlberg praised Ella’s beau on his official Instagram for their first anniversary. He wrote a heartfelt message to the young couple in the post. The image was of the pair together, smiling. “Happy 1 year anniversary Ella and James. I’m so happy for you guys! I couldn’t be more proud of you Ella!! I love you guys,” Wahlberg captioned the image.

Not only does Mark Wahlberg approve of Ella’s boyfriend, but he also spends time alone with James. Wahlberg frequently hits the gym with the young suitor. He even posted about it on his Instagram.

“Ella is a lucky girl and I’m a lucky dad! He is a great young man,” Mark Wahlberg captioned in a post about their workouts. “I used to work out to keep the boys away from my girls, and now I’m working out with the boyfriend. Imagine that.”