Mark Wahlberg’s New Action Film Reportedly Shut Down After Piece of Live Ammunition Found on Set

by Shelby Scott

Following the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during shooting for Alec Baldwin’s film, “Rust,” filmmakers have been much more attentive to the dangers of live rounds on movie sets. Most recently, shooting for Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry’s new film “Our Man From Jersey” became shut down when crewmembers thought they had found a piece of live ammunition on the set.

‘Our Man From Jersey’ Production On Hold Amid Potential Weapons Recovery

According to the Daily Mail, what crew members thought was live ammunition was actually a crushed balloon gas canister. Some witnesses report the canister appeared similar to a spent shell casing. Regardless, “Our Man From Jersey” filmmakers took the threat seriously and immediately contacted law enforcement.

The Sun reports that the incident was “quite alarming.” One source shared, “there was no hesitation in phoning the police, who arrived quite promptly.”

The outlet’s source further explained police officers came and disposed of the crushed balloon gas canister.

Per the outlet, crewmembers found the mistaken piece of equipment in South East London at the Camberwell Green magistrates court.

So far, the Daily Mail reports representatives for both Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry have been contacted for comment. However, neither have offered a reply or statement so far.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg’s upcoming Netflix film will differ starkly compared to another recent project of his. What’s on Netflix states the brand new film diverges from Mark Wahlberg’s faith-filled movie “Father Stu” from April. Now, we instead see the actor play a construction worker from New Jersey. Soon enough though, he suddenly finds himself in the world of spies and secret agents.

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Make More ‘Meaningful’ Movies

“Father Stu” follows the real-life story of a boxer-turned-priest. And, in making the film, it seemed to mark an important turning point in Mark Wahlberg’s career. Before beginning work on “Our Man From Jersey,” the longtime actor said he now hopes to make more meaningful movies during the latter half of his career.

“I feel like this is starting a new chapter for me in that, now, doing things like this [with] real substance can help people,” Wahlberg said following the premiere of “Father Stu.”

Further, despite his commitment to religion, the star said he didn’t necessarily want to just focus on making faith-based films. After all, he’s shared before he doesn’t force his faith on his own children. So it makes sense he wouldn’t tout religion in all of his upcoming films and roles.

So, in thinking about the plot of his newest film “Our Man From Jersey,” and critics’ description that the film functions as a “blue-collar James Bond,” perhaps Mark Wahlberg is looking to draw attention to the working class this time around.