Mark Wahlberg’s Newest Movie Role Revealed

by Shelby Scott

Mark Wahlberg has had a memorable year so far regarding box office releases. The 51-year-old actor got a strong start in the spring, with the release of his faith-filled real-life-inspired film Father Stu. Walhberg also recently headed back to the big screen alongside Marvel’s Spiderman actor Tom Holland with the action comedy, Uncharted. On the heels of these big screen successes, Mark Wahlberg will again star in another action comedy, The Family Plan. The Family Plan is a joint venture between Apple Original Films and Skydance Media.

According to Deadline, The Family Plan puts Mark Walberg at the center of another action comedy. But, this time we find him in the role of a suburban dad. That said, there is, as always, a major twist. Wahlberg’s character is forced to flee his home with his family as his past finally catches up to him.

Per the outlet, the new film, written by David Coggeshall, boasts both Mark Wahlberg and Municipal Picutres’ Stephen Levinson as executive producers. The duo will also partner with Sky Dance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger.

The Family Plan‘s production comes amid work on Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming project, Our Man From Jersey. Set to debut on Netflix, the action film features Wahlberg alongside the internationally renowned actress Halle Berry. Wahlberg also features in another new Netflix film, Me Time, starring actor and comedian Kevin Hart.

Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Uncharted’ To Make Netflix Debut This Week

While we await further news on Mark Wahlberg’s brand new project The Family Plan, his early 2022 production Uncharted is set to make its Netflix debut this week. Uncharted originally premiered in theaters back in February. It was then scheduled to make its premiere on the streaming platform last month. However, thanks to delays that seemingly only affected the U.S., the film’s Netflix is only taking place this month.

Uncharted premieres on Netflix on Friday, August 19th. When the Mark Wahlberg film was originally delayed, the streaming platform did not specify a reason.

For interested viewers, Uncharted is based on a series of video games. Per The Cinemaholic, it’s developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for Playstation. Uncharted gains its title from the series of games of the same name.

Uncharted puts Tom Holland in the lead role as Nathan Drake, who is also the lead character in the game. Wahlberg plays the seasoned treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan who aims to uncover the massive fortune left behind by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Part of the film features historical accuracies and references, with Drake a fictional descendant of the real-life English explorer, Sir Francis Drake. As the outlet reminds us, the Magellan expedition also took place though it was funded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V rather than the fictional Moncada family.