Mark Wahlberg Spends Some Quality Time Golfing With His Son in New Pics

by Blake Ells

Mark Wahlberg spent his Throwback Thursday reflecting on fatherhood. First her shared a photo so old that he had to take a photo of his photo.

Then he hit the links with one of his sons.

Mark Wahlberg has four children. His oldest, Ella Rae, was born in 2003. Michael was born in 2006. Brendan was born in 2008. And Grace was born in 2010. It’s a full house for the 51-year-old.

Wahlberg has two films in 2022. There was Father Stu. Wahlberg is the titular character, Stuart Long, who is a boxer that turns into a priest. The movie co-stars Mel Gibson. Then there is Uncharted, co-starring Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas. The film is about the search for a fortune of Magellan’s. It’s been delayed a bit. It was originally set for release on July 15, but now it appears that it will hit Netflix on August 19.

Uncharted is part of Netflix’s deal with Sony, which allows the streamer to release various titles between 2022 and 2026. The superhero film Morbius that was released earlier this year was part of the same deal. That one starred Jared Leto and Matt Smith.

Wahlberg also has another project on the horizon, and we’ve begun seeing some photos from it. Our Man From Jersey features Wahlberg as a construction worker turned spy. It co-stars Halle Berry.

Other Projects Ahead for Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is also behind a forthcoming docuseries about the infamous drug lord Owen Hanson. It’s the tale of how Hanson went from being a low income USC football player to the leader of a worldwide cocaine empire.

Apparently, Netflix has a similar series on the way. For the Netflix series, they’re working with federal agents who ultimately brought down Hanson.

The Owen Hanson story is an interesting one. It began when he was a football player at USC selling illegal drugs and steroids to his team mates in the early 2000s. He used the business skills he learned in school to create a massive empire that had to be taken down by the FBI. Hanson was sentenced to 21 years in prison. He also had to turn over $5 million.

A professional gambler named R.J. Cipriani ultimately helped authorities bring down Hanson. Cipriani lost a whole lot of Hanson’s money at a blackjack table, and Hanson began making violent threats against Cipriani. The threats involved Cipriani’s wife. While Netflix is getting some inside help on their version of the story, Cipriani is not part of it. Nor is he part of Wahlberg’s version.