Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Few Movies His Parents Would Let Him Watch as a Kid

by Megan Molseed

Matthew McConaughey may star in some of the biggest films that have molded generations. However, before films such as Dazed and Confused, the cult classic 90s hit that has become McConaughey’s breakout role, came generations of other films…including one that made an impact on the prolific movie star.

And, in a recent Instagram post, Matthew McConaughey shares a discussion he had along these lines recently. Recounting some of the films that he remembers watching regularly as he was growing up.

“movies that molded,” the Fools Gold star writes in the Insta post. He then adds the hashtags #soulcash#greenlightsbook.

“Growing up, I didn’t watch a bunch of films,” the longtime actor recounts in the Insta clip.

“We weren’t allowed to watch really, TV,” the actor continues of his childhood in terms of what he caught on the small – and big – screens. He had only caught a “couple of films” by the age of 14 years old, the actor recalls.

“I remember seeing the movie Hud with Paul Newman,” McConaughey says, remembering how impressed he was with this classic. He recalls thinking “Whoa. What a great character. What a great performance, what a great movie,” at the end of the film.

One Of Matthew McConaughey’s Favorite Comedy Films Is A Nic Cage Classic

In the Instagram clip, Matthew McConaughey says that there is one comedy film he will watch over, and over, and over, and over again…Raising Arizona. This is a film, the star says, that just gets better “each time you watch it. McConaughey adds that this Nicolas Cage classic is probably his most quotable film.

Another one of the films that Matthew McConaughey remembers shaping him during his early years is another big Nicolas Cage cult classic, Spike Jones’s Adaptation. Another one of Matthew McConaughey’s faves includes the 1980s film noir Angel Heart. This film is a disturbing tale of murder and intrigue starring Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet. Additionally, one of the things he loves about the film is the “use of music with picture.” “Sean Penn’s Indian Runner,” was another one McConaughey mentioned in his list of films that shaped who he is today.

Matthew McConaughey’s Upcoming Film Tells The Real-Life Story Of An Inspiring Girls Soccer Team

It has recently been announced that Matthew McConaughey is set to star in the upcoming soccer film Dallas String, which will be directed by Kari Skoglund. As per Deadline, Dallas String tells the story of a high school soccer team in Dallas that the Reagan administration assembled as the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team set to head to China in 1984. McConaughey is set to portray the brand-new soccer coach Bill Kinder.