Matthew McConaughey Set To Star in New Movie, ‘Dallas Sting’

by Samantha Whidden

Matthew McConaughey is reportedly set to star in the upcoming Kari Skoglund-directed soccer film “Dallas String.”

According to Deadline, “Dallas String” is a fact-based film about a Dallas high school girls soccer, The Strings, assembled as the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team by the Reagan administration to head to China in 1984. They compete as the ultimate underdogs in a soccer tournament that included the best women’s teams from China, Australia, and Italy. Matthew McConaughey will portray Bill Kinder, who is the coach of the soccer team and had no prior experience with the sport. 

The film’s description on IMDb also reads, “Follows the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and their coach Bill Kinder who led the rag-tag group of Texas teens toward a Rocky-esque destiny.”

Matthew McConaughey’s Kinder is pretty significant to the underdog soccer story. In order to form the soccer team, the coach had to provide a note from a gynecologist that stated playing soccer would not harm a women’s reproductive organs. Along with that situation, the girl’s soccer team had to overcome the “bureaucracy” that came with even making the trip to China. Kinder believed in the women’s soccer team so much that he actually charged $85,000 on his credit cards for non-refundable tickets to China. 

No further details about Matthew McConaughey’s upcoming film are available at this time. 

Matthew McConaughey Speaks Out About Current Struggles in the U.S. Following Uvalde, Texas School Shooting 

While speaking to Bret Baier on Fox New’s “Special Report,” Matthew McConaughey opened up about the current struggles that Americans are now facing after the devastating school shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas. 

“I am not running for political official,” Matthew McConaughey declared for clarification. “I’m here because, on the 24th of May, I got the news that there was a mass shooting in the town that I was born in, Uvalde, Texas.”

Matthew McConaughey then spoke about the main theme everyone is going through at the moment. “It was every single family that lost a loved one, or a child said, you know what, I just want some way for the loss of my loved one’s life to matter. And I think that’s what we are talking about on the cusp here, here in D.C. today. How can we make it matter?”

Matthew McConaughey then spoke about what is actually dividing the U.S. right now. “I think we’re being told we’re more divided than we are. I think that the veil over the masses’ eyes, I think we got the numbers. And we got to pull that veil off. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid, because we’re hearing it from both sides, the extreme right and extreme left. And they have the microphone. And I think we have the numbers.”