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Michael Bay Reportedly Charged With Killing Pigeon on Set of Netflix Movie

by Samantha Whidden
Michael Bay
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Bay had some legal difficulties recently when he was charged with killing a pigeon on an Italian set. 

According to TMZ, Michael Bay stated that while he’s being charged for the pigeon’s death, he denied the incident happened on his watch. The media outlet reported that a bird was killed on the set of Netflix’s 2018 film 6 Underground. Sources also stated that all homing pigeons that were used in the film landed safely during production. 

“Everyone knows Michael is an animal activist,” one source said about Bay. “This would never happen on his set. There are dozens of witnesses who said that this didn’t happen.” 

Meanwhile, Italian prosecutors reportedly claim that the pigeon was killed by a dolly while Michael Bay worked on the film in Rome. It is notably illegal to harm or kill wild birds near the city. Someone from the production allegedly saw the entire incident and took a photo before reporting it to law enforcement.

Although he specifically didn’t harm the bird, Michael Bay was the director and is being held responsible for the situation. Although he attempted to get the case thrown out several times, the prosecutors pushed forward. 

The Wrap also reports Michael Bay was given the option to pay a small fine to settle the bird case. However, he declined and said he simply wouldn’t plead guilty to harming an animal. 

Michael Bay Talks Working with the Military For Film Productions 

During a 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michael Bay spoke about working with the military for various film productions. 

“The first time I worked with the military was The Rock,” Bay stated. “I was the very first director to have real United States SEALs in a movie. As Bruckheimer always told me, ‘It’s where you get the great stuff, [getting] real people to do what they actually do.’”

Michael Bay also explained that the film was not cleared through the Pentagon. However, the SEALs did come to the set. “I said, ‘All right, pretend you guys are going into the Rock, you’re going underwater. How would you do it?’” Bay recalled. “And they explained, ‘This is how we would do the incursion.’”

When it comes to authenticity, Michael Bay doesn’t sidestep. “When you start meeting these people that believe in their country, that put their life on the line, and you get to know them, it’s a fascinating thing. And I’ve been so admiring of people that would do that.”

Michael Bay went on to use the Vietnam War as an example. “When I grew up, I kept asking my mom, ‘Mom, will I have to go to Vietnam?’ It was always a very scary thing for me, being a little kid and seeing the body count. I think they had the body count on the news, and they showed war footage. It was always very scary.”