Michael J. Fox to Be Focus of Upcoming Documentary From Apple Original Films

by Samantha Whidden

Apple Original Films is reportedly releasing a feature-length documentary about the life of “Back to the Future” star Michael J. Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis Guggenheim will be directing the documentary, which will follow Michael J. Fox’s successful acting. This includes his rise in “Family Ties” and the “Back to the Future” franchise. The film will also go into Fox’s personal journey with Parkinson’s Disease. He announced he had when he was 29-years-old. 

The Michael J Fox documentary is described as the improbable tale of an “undersized” kid from a Canadian army base who rose to the “heights of stardom” in 1980s Hollywood. “The account of Fox’s public life, full of nostalgic thrills and cinematic gloss, will unspool alongside his never-before-seen private journey. Including the years that followed his diagnosis at 29, with Parkinson’s disease.”

Guggenheim’s Concordia Studio is also producing the upcoming Michael J. Fox film. Guggenheim, Annetta Marion, Will Cohen, and Jonathan King will produce. Laurene Powell Jobs, Jonathan Silberberg, Nicole Stott, and Fox’s producing partner Nelle Fortenberry will be executive producing. 

Michael J Fox Talks About Paparazzi Heckling Him Prior to Going Public About His Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis 

During an October 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Michale J. Fox opened up about how he was being bullied by the paparazzi before he went public about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. “It was seven or eight years after I had been diagnosed. The paparazzi and stuff, they would stand outside my apartment and heckle me. Like, ‘What’s the matter with you?’ I said, ‘I can’t be making my neighbors deal with this.’ So I came out. And it was great. It was a great thing.”

Michael J. Fox then says it was a great surprise to him that people were responding the way they responded to his diagnosis. “They responded with interest. In the desire to find an answer to the disease. And then I saw that as a great opportunity. I didn’t get put in this position to squander it.”

Michael J. Fox also shared that he didn’t spend a lot of time pondering how he could help people. Instead, he appreciated the fact that others felt inspired by his own Parkinson’s journey. “I don’t spend a lot of time on that. But I am grateful when people express to me that it means something. [That] means a lot to me. But I don’t think about it. I don’t get up and go, ‘Oh, I’m Mr. Impact!’”

In regards to how he is managing Parkinson’s, Michael J Fox reflects that he has had the disease for 30 years. It’s now part of his life. “It’s what and it’s who I am. And it’s struggling sometimes. I’m not gonna lie. It’s really hard to get up and get ready and get out in the world [some days].”