Mike Rowe Announces Premiere of Primetime Special ‘America’s Grandmother,’ Starring His Mom Peggy

by Chris Piner

There are currently a little over 335 million people in the United States. And among all those people, Pew Research Center found that half of them are middle class. Yet with close to 170 million people making up the middle class, they appear to be represented by one man, Mike Rowe. Known for his narration work in several hit shows for Discovery Channel, Rowe also hosted his own successful show called Dirty Jobs. Showcasing some of the dirtiest jobs in the country, at the same time, Rowe gave viewers a glimpse into the world that keeps America operating and moving forward. And behind any good man is a proud mother. Yet Rowe’s mother, Peggy, is taking over the spotlight with her new book and special.  

Sharing the latest accomplishment from the Rowe family, Mike Rowe shared a post on Instagram, writing, “I couldn’t tell you precisely how my mom wound up starring in a primetime special called America’s Grandmother, or exactly where that nickname originated, or specifically who gave it to her, or just what percentage of people actually think of Peggy Rowe in those terms. I can only tell you that a lot of people do. America’s Grandmother premieres tonight at 10pm Eastern on @foxnews and again at 11pm on Fox Business.”

Mike Rowe Reveals His Mother’s 60 Years Of Writing

Besides sharing his support for his mother, both Peggy and Mike Rowe appeared on Fox & Friends last week to talk about the upcoming show and her new book called, Vacuuming in the Nude: And Other Ways to Get Attention. Peggy’s love for writing took shape after writing for over 60 years. Publishing her first book at 80, she is scheduled to release her third book soon. 

Discussing Peggy’s talent, Mike Rowe told Fox News, “My mom has written every single day for the last 60 years. To this day when she goes out in public, she has her yellow legal pad. She interviews strangers and she writes down their stories. She became a bestselling author at 80 and ever since…we’ve created a monster.”

Describing herself as a “bar virgin”, Peggy Rowe admitted that the title, Vacuuming in the Nude: And Other Ways to Get Attention is just a metaphor. “I’ve been writing for many years and writers use a lot of different methods to get attention from publishers and readers. I didn’t actually do this, but a friend did, and then afterward…” She stopped before going on.

Besides helping his mother capture the hearts of America, Mike Rowe continues to document the hard-working Americans often overlooked. He hosts How America Works for the Fox Business Network, learning how many people work tirelessly trying to keep America’s infrastructure from crumbling.