Mike Rowe Commemorates Labor Day Reflecting on Day Spent With Rancher-Turned-Landscaper

by Joe Rutland

Mike Rowe is looking upon Labor Day in a reflective mindset as he recalls a day spent with a rancher-turned-landscaper. Rowe would talk about this interaction on his podcast. Yet the affable host also spends time reminding us what Labor Day is about historically. Rowe details this in the caption area of his Instagram post. You can see it right here.

Meanwhile, the Dirty Jobs host recently thanked his fans for supporting his mom’s bestselling book. “This is not another post inviting you to purchase my mother’s new book, Vacuuming in the Nude; And Other Ways to Get Attention. Apparently, you’ve already done so. While she’s still #11 on the @nytimes list, she’s #5 on @amazonbooks, #3 at @wsj, and #1 at @pwpics, (clearly, the only accurate list out there.),” he wrote in another Instagram post.

Mike Rowe Said FFA Can Provide Solution To Nation’s Problems

Peggy Rowe is a smash hit as “America’s Grandmother.” She’s a spry 84 years old and still finds herself active and vibrant. Obviously, Petty is quite proud of what Mike has accomplished in his life. A synopsis of the book reads this way: “Peggy Rowe is at it again—this time giving a hilarious inside look at her writing career. Peggy Rowe has been writing all of her adult life. In fact, she doesn’t know how not to write—even through those years of constant rejection from publishing houses.”

For anyone who follows Rowe, then you know that he does support hard-working people. Well, he believes that the FFA offers a solution to the problems in the United States. In case you didn’t know, then FFA stands for the Future Farmers of America. Back in July, Rowe spoke at the Texas FFA Convention that was held in Fort Worth. He wrote in another Instagram post, “I said sure, and I’m glad I did. Whatever problems we face as a county, I can assure you @nationalffa is part of the solution.” Rowe said that he was invited to speak to the group.

Did you know that Rowe considers himself a “freelancer”? He does and says he is one who “works 333 days a year.” Mike looks upon himself as an entrepreneur. And he would elaborate on this in an interview with the magazine aptly titled Entrepreneur. “The term I prefer is freelancer,” Rowe said of his work in the entertainment field. “It’s a medieval term. A freelancer was a knight without (a) Lord.” Rowe said that the lordless Knight sells his lance to a high bidder. “This business is perfectly suited for the freelance mentality. I embrace that when I got into it. So I still see myself as a freelancer. I just work 333 days a year.”