Mike Rowe Details Absolutely Wild Story About His Neighbor’s Dog: ‘Horrifying Encounter’

by Sean Griffin

Mike Rowe recently took to Instagram to share a wild story about his neighbor’s dog. You can view the original post by clicking here.

In the post, Rowe poses in a selfie with his neighbor’s dog. He then writes a long story about the dog, Vivian, in his post’s caption.

“This is Vivian, a well-mannered Havanese who lives down the street with my neighbor, a well-mannered woman I’ll call ‘Brenda.’

I ran into Brenda at dinner last night and listened sympathetically as she related the details of a horrifying encounter between Vivian and a large Llewellin I’ll call Brutus. According to Brenda, Brutus grabbed Vivian by her head for no apparent reason, latched on, and began to shake her like the tug toy she resembles.

If you google ‘Llewellin,’ you’ll read about ‘an attractive, energetic canine that’s become a source of contention within the dog world.’ Apparently, some people believe Llewellin’s are nothing more than English Setters, while others are convinced they are a distinct, individual breed unto themselves. Whatever the case, the one we’re calling Brutus was trying to remove Vivian’s head, and Brenda was none too pleased.

Brenda began to scream, understandably, at the sight of her beloved Vivian halfway down the throat of an animal five times her size. Other people in close proximity, equally horrified by the unprovoked assault, began to scream at Brutus, demanding that he release poor Vivian. Brutus, however, did not comply. At which point Brenda leapt onto the big Llewellin and attempted to pry its enormous jaws apart, to no avail.

Mike Rowe’s Horrifying Dog Attack Story

Rowe continued telling the story in his caption.

“Things were looking pretty bad for poor Vivian, when a heroic bystander – I’ll call her Carol – assessed the situation, walked calmly into the melee, grabbed Brutus by the tail, and shoved a finger up his ass. At which point the big Llewellin dropped the little Havanese to the ground and ran off with his tail between his legs, the very picture of shame and regret.

“Isn’t that fantastic?” he asked.

He continued. “The brutal death of a beloved pet, the inevitable brawl between the dog owners, the grief, the anger, and the expense of the subsequent court case…all avoided because a quick-thinking bystander had the presence of mind to shove her finger up a dog’s ass.”

“The more you know…” he added.

Fans quickly flooded the comment section to express their thoughts. “Well then! The things we learn on a random Sunday!!!” one fan commented.

“Holy crap, that story took a hard turn into hilarity real quick,” another wrote.

Another fan said, “Well that was an unexpected plot twist,” adding a laughing emoji.

“I’ve heard it’s an option that works and thought it was a joke first, but nope a real thing. Hope Vivian is ok,” a final user commented.