Mike Rowe Drops New Photo Dressed as Buffalo Bill Cody, Potentially Hinting at a New Role

by Shelby Scott

Most Mike Rowe fans know the TV host and narrator for his show Dirty Jobs as well as for his role narrating his reality series like Deadliest Catch and the canceled television drama, American Chopper. However, in a new post, it appears Mike Rowe may have adopted a role as the historic figure, Buffalo Bill Cody. Check out his tweet below.

“The Real Mike Rowe” didn’t give fans a whole lot to go on. He simply said, “Yeah, there’s a story…”

The photo shows Rowe sporting a strong goatee, a fringed jacket, and a worn-looking cowboy hat. Mike Rowe’s followers immediately greeted the TV personality as “Buffalo Bill.”

“Ahoy there Buffalo Bill,” one fan commented. Another joked, “Mr. Cody ? where have you been hiding all these years, look pretty good for 176 years old….wow !!”

According to IMDb, Buffalo Bill Cody was a writer and producer born in 1846. He was known for Fighting with Buffalo Bill (1926), Battling with Buffalo Bill (1931), and The Indians Are Coming (1930). The historical figure was born in Scott County, Iowa.

Back to the present, Mike Rowe’s fans began asking the TV star what the upcoming potential project might be.

“Very curious as to what the story might be,” one of Rowe’s followers wrote. A second quipped, “What[‘s] going on mike , Halloween is still far away lol.”

Be sure to check back here for any updates about Mike Rowe’s Buffalo Bill get-up.

Mike Rowe Claims Americans Want People Who ‘Work Smart and Hard’

Aside from his popularity on television, Mike Rowe is also an advocate for hard workers/skilled laborers. He often paints academia as the enemy of professional success and a thriving U.S. workforce. In a previous interview, Rowe spoke about what he thinks Americans want from modern-day employees.

During a May interview, Mike Rowe said, “What we want today in our workforce and for our neighbors are people who work smart and hard.”

His statement came after criticizing the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder,” claiming the saying is detrimental to how people view work. During the interview, the Deadliest Catch narrator further explained, “I do believe in my bones that shortcuts lead to long delays and in the end we all want to be contributing, we all want to move the needle, we all want to be seen as essential because we want to be essential.”

The TV star’s argument went public as Rowe discussed the origins behind his hit reality series Dirty Jobs. In founding Dirty Jobs, Rowe said the goal was to “present a really honest look at a day in the life of a welder or golf ball retrieval expert or a bridge builder.”

Essentially, Dirty Jobs turned the spotlight on many of America’s blue-collar workers.