Mike Rowe Posts Epic Photo From 15,000 Person Fort Worth Event

by Chris Piner

Although a celebrity in his own right, television personality Mike Rowe is nothing more than an advocate for the blue-collar American. Being a strong supporter of hard work, Rowe has consistently discussed the importance of teaching crucial jobs that benefit society. Recently, the host of Dirty Jobs attended the Future Farmers of America convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Rowe jumped at the invitation to share his insight on the value of trade jobs and how the next generation is the key to any problem facing America. 

While proud of the chance to speak with members of the FFA, Mike Rowe snapped a picture of himself in front of 15,000 people. In the post, the star wrote, “@texasffa held their annual event this week in Fort Worth and invited me to speak to 15,000 people at The Convention Center. I said sure, and I’m glad I did. Whatever problems we face as a county, I can assure you @nationalffa is part of the solution.”

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time Mike Rowe focused on the value of work. He added in his post, “As I said back in 2009, when I spoke at their national convention in Indianapolis, these are the teenagers you wish you had. Smart, curious, enthusiastic, hardworking, and unfailingly polite. These are the kids who will lead modern agriculture into the next phase. These are the kids who will figure out how to feed a hungry planet.”

Mike Rowe Promotes Trade Skills In How America Works

Mike Rowe’s most recent appearance on television came in How America Works. While focusing on just a few industries, the host showcased the pulp and paper industry. For those who might not know, renewable fibers make up hundreds of products like baby diapers and personal care products. Without knowing it, most Americans use these products every day and have no idea where it comes from. 

David Phillips, a mill manager for International Paper stated, “Our business depends on the sustainability of forests. More than that, we know that our employees, investors and customers care about how we produce our products. Our focus on health and safety, customers, sustainability and quality makes our employees feel good about doing their job.”

The Importance of Skilled Labor

Back in January, Mike Rowe expressed his concern about the 4.5 million Americans who quit their jobs. The host believed the main problem came from organizations not able to persuade employees about more opportunities in their field. “That, interestingly, is one of the few things that we can control. We need to explain to kids that working with your hands, learning a skill that’s in demand can still lead to prosperity.” He insisted, “It can’t be higher education, and everything else is some vocational consolation prize. We need to set the table fairly. We need to do a better job globally of shining a light on [skilled labor] stories.”