Mike Rowe Praises ‘Dirty Jobs’ for Launching His Foundation To Train Skilled Workers

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly 200 episodes into “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe praises his hit TV series for launching his “foundation” to train skilled workers. 

In a recent post on Instagram, Mike Rowe spoke about the impact “Dirty Jobs” has. “This year, the [Mike Rowe Works] foundation will award $1.5 million in worth ethic scholarships to 250 individuals, all of whom will get the training they need to master a skilled trade. None of that would have happened without ‘Dirty Jobs.’ That’s why I’m still doing DJ!”

Mike Rowe returned for a new season of “Dirty Jobs” earlier this year. The show previously ended in 2012. During a January 2022 interview with Fox News, Rowe discussed what made him to decide to bring the series back. “Well, I guess the short answer is the headlines caught up to the themes of the show. Viewers reached out by the thousands to say ‘Dirty Jobs’ was the granddaddy of essential working shows, and essential work is now headline news.”

Mike Rowe then reflected about the request from his fans to come back for another season of the hit show. “I was told, ‘Why don’t you go back into the world? Look under a rock, see what’s here. See what works looks like after two years of lockdowns.’ It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Just when It thought I was out they pulled me back in.”

How Does Mike Rowe Find Jobs For ‘Dirty Jobs’?

When asked if it was difficult or easy to find jobs he hasn’t tried yet, Mike Rowe stated, “It’s both difficult and easy. It’s difficult in the sense that I don’t have any more ideas. I ran out of ideas in Season 3. I thought we were done back in 2007. But then I did a few smart things – genuinely smart things. I turned the whole thing over to the viewers. Like look, I’ll keep doing the show as long as you keep programming it.”

Mike Rowe then revealed that over the past 15 years, he’s been receiving letters every day on social media. “From people saying, ‘You should see what my grandfather does. Or my brother, my cousin, my uncle, my sister, my mom.’ And these are jobs that have been going on for nearly 20 years. That’s where the ideas come from.”

Mike Rowe also shared which job surprised him the most during the latest season. “It’s not the jobs that were surprising this time around. It’s something they all haven common, which is difficulty in recruiting. We just had four and a half million people quit their jobs in this country. We’ve got 11 million open positions right now.”

Mike Rowe went on to add that he really noticed a theme that kept coming back. “[It] is how difficult it is to find people who want to learn a skill that’s in demand.”