Mike Rowe Provides Highly-Anticipated Update on Missing Retainer Saga

by Chris Piner

Host of the popular Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe has done more than showcase some of the hardiest, most dangerous jobs Americans do every day as viewers can hear his voice as the narrator for many shows like How the Universe Works, Shark Week, and Deadliest Catch. He has also been in commercials for companies like Ford. But recently, the star posted a hilarious and suspenseful story about his morning job and a retainer named Tibby Teeth. 

Starting on July 8th, Mike Rowe updated his Twitter account with a picture of him posing in front of a retainer. He wrote, “Maybe you were out for a morning jog, like me. Or maybe a bike ride. Or maybe you were walking the dog when you glanced over, saw the water fountain, and recalled the many benefits of good hydration. Whoever you are, you left your retainer on the fountain.”

Mike Rowe’s Friendship With Tibby Teeth

While some might see nothing more than a retainer, the host continued to document his growing relationship with the item. Not 24 hours later, Rowe gave an update with location information. “The retainer is still on the water fountain. It’s the one on the bike trail in Tiburon near the tennis courts. I find it kind of amazing, and possibly hopeful, that no one is touched it. Then again, who would?”

Not letting his followers down, Mike Rowe shared another selfie with the retainer, admitting it was “getting weird”. Day four was much of the same, but this time, he filmed a short video of the retainer, noting that thousands of people pass by each day, yet the item remains. 

With wild theories filling the comment section, on the fifth day, the story came to an end. But much like in the beginning, nobody could have guessed that Mike Rowe would find a letter addressed to him. 

Moving On With A Nice Goodbye

For those who might have a problem seeing the letter, it reads:

Hey Mike Rowe-

I heard you were a big fan of mine. I really appreciate all your love and support. I wasn’t sure who you were at first, but then someone told me you do dirty jobs. I’ve had a mighty dirty job myself brother, but now I’m looking forward to enjoying retirement. Anyway, keep at it big guy and I’m sure things will work out for you. I gotta move on to the next spot, but I hope you enjoy your shirtless strolls out here along the beautiful ORT. If you feel like staying in touch, you can follow me on Instagram TibbyTeeth as I’ve started a page to document the next stage of my life. Again thanks for the support and best of luck.

Much love- Tibby Teeth (Your Favorite Friendly neighborhood Retainer). 

Although Mike Rowe is known for hosting and narrating, he has also studied both theater and singing