Mike Rowe Shouts Out Fans for Supporting His Mom’s Bestseller in New Post

by Tia Bailey

TV host Mike Rowe recently took to Instagram to thank fans for support his mom’s bestseller. The book has made several charts.

Rowe, most well-known for his work on “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” shared a short video on Instagram, sharing that his mother Peggy is a 3x New York Times bestselling author.

“This is not another post inviting you to purchase my mother’s new book, Vacuuming in the Nude; And Other Ways to Get Attention. Apparently, you’ve already done so. While she’s still #11 on the @nytimes list, she’s #5 on @amazonbooks , #3 at @wsj , and #1 at @pwpics, (clearly, the only accurate list out there.),” he wrote.She’s also the subject of several excellent articles you might enjoy perusing. Here’s one, from a psychologist who writes for Forbes. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before a shrink began asking questions…”

He then added a sweet thanks to fans who have supported his mother.

“Thanks for your support and patience, as “America’s Grandmother” climbs the charts, and proves anything is possible, even at 84 years of age. I hope you’re enjoying her ascension half as much as I am. Mike PS. According to the New York Times, America’s Grandmother was the highest-rated show on TV last week. Crazy, right?”

Rowe has been supportive of his mother’s book, sharing it every chance he can on social media. He even goes to book signings with her.

On August 16, he tweeted: “If you find yourself in New York City today with nothing to do around noon, consider yourself officially invited to a book signing at @BNFifthAvenue. The albino mannequins will be there, and so will my mother and I, signing books and making new friends.”

Mike Rowe’s Mother Peggy Rowe’s Book Receives Great Reviews

Mike’s not the only one who loves his mother’s book, clearly. However, other readers have been loving it just as much. The Wiki synopsis for “Vacuuming in the Nude: and Other Ways to Get Attention” says: “Peggy Rowe is at it again—this time giving a hilarious inside look at her writing career.Peggy Rowe has been writing all of her adult life. In fact, she doesn’t know how not to write—even through those years of constant rejection from publishing houses.”

Reviews of the book feature readers loving it. The top review for the book by “C” on Amazon reads: “Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. Peggy Rowe has a great sense of humor, and I appreciate her ability to sneak in a little joke to make you laugh, even when dealing with dark or painful subjects. Her persistence and boundless optimism are both encouraging and inspiring; I love that she is still able to make people laugh with a fantastic story well into her 80s. I hope that she never stops writing, and I will be looking forward to her next book.”