Mike Rowe Says Students in FFA Are ‘Part of the Solution’ To Fix Problems in Our Nation

by Megan Molseed

Mike Rowe knows well that it takes a community of hardworking and dedicated people to make things work. And, the Discovery Channel star says, the next generation of these dedicated hard workers are already well on their way to success.

In a recent Instagram post, Mike Rowe gives a shout-out to the hardworking FFA (Future Farmers of America) youth while attending the Texas FFA Convention. In the recent post, the TV star notes that FFA students are “part of the solution” for a successful future. Rowe goes on to say that this generation of FFA students are “smart, curious, and hardworking” students who will “lead modern agriculture.”

“@texasffa held their annual event this week in Fort Worth,” Mike Rowe says in his Insta message. The TV star goes on to note that he was honored to be asked to speak at this event.

“And invited me to speak to 15,000 people at The Convention Center,” he says.

“I said sure, and I’m glad I did,” Rowe continues in his Insta message. “Whatever problems we face as a county, I can assure you @nationalffa is part of the solution.” Rowe’s post can be viewed here.

Mike Rowe Praises FFA Students, Noting They Are The Future Of Modern Agriculture

Mike Rowe praises the nation’s FFA students, noting these dedicated teens are the future of modern agriculture.

“As I said back in 2009, when I spoke at their national convention in Indianapolis, these are the teenagers you wish you had,” the Dirty Jobs star says.

“Smart, curious, enthusiastic, hardworking, and unfailingly polite,” Rowe adds of the FFA students.

“These are the kids who will lead modern agriculture into the next phase,” he continues. “These are the kids who will figure out how to feed a hungry planet.”

Rowe Is No Stranger To Hardwork

Mike Rowe is the go-to man for any job. He has even made a career out of this…starring in the hit Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. And, Rowe notes that he considers himself an “entrepreneur,” working hard at every job he faces – big or small.

“I absolutely look at myself as an entrepreneur,” Rowe tells the Entrepreneur. However, the TV personality adds that there is another term he prefers to use.

“The term I prefer is freelancer,” he says.

“It’s a medieval term,” Rowe explains.

“A freelancer was a knight without Lord,” the Dirty Jobs star continues in his interview.

“This business is perfectly suited for the freelance mentality,” Rowe adds.

“I embrace that when I got into it,” he says. “So I still see myself as a freelancer. I just work 333 days a year.”