‘Mission: Impossible’ Director Opens Up About Tom Cruise’s Future in the Franchise

by Craig Garrett

Tom Cruise may not be done with the Mission: Impossible franchise according to frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. According to rumors, the seventh and eighth “Mission: Impossible” films are intended as a swan song for Cruise’s character. The films will be released as “Dead Reckoning – Part 1” and “Dead Reckoning – Part 2”. On the Light the Fuse podcast, however, director Christopher McQuarrie said that you should never believe everything you read.

McQuarrie responded to the question of whether “Dead Reckoning” films would be Cruise’s last in the action series candidly. “Let me tell you, I’ve been working with Tom Cruise for 15 years,” he pointed out. ” I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been standing next to the man, witnessed an event, and then read about it in the trades the next day. [Then] none of what they describe is actually true.”

The director recalled a time the tabloids were correct about Tom Cruise

McQuarrie launched into a story about his frequent collaborator. “We were in Birmingham shooting a scene between Tom and Haley [Atwell]. The next day I read an article in the paper. [the article] said Tom and four other guests went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant. I read that Tom insisted on sitting at a table not in a private room. [Cruise was in] the main restaurant with the other diners and that Tom ordered three orders of chicken masala because he liked it so much.”

“I called Tom the next day and said, ‘There’s something weird about this article. It’s 100% factually correct!’” McQuarrie recalled. “That’s the first time I’ve read an article in which everything happened exactly as written.”

Cruise and McQuarrie’s next project sounds intense

The director has worked with Tom Cruise on 11 occasions so far. He went on to describe the misinformation surrounding the star. “I read that ‘Mission’ was going to be shot concurrently and then we decided not to do that,” the director added. “When you read articles in the trades, just put the imaginary word in front of the headline: ‘The Agenda Is…’ When you read ‘anonymous sources’ or ‘sources close to the production say,’ that’s somebody putting it out there for a specific reason. That’s someone wanting others to think that for a specific reason, and you can never know for sure what those reasons are. You learn to ignore it and laugh at it. In today’s world, you wait 17 minutes and another news cycle will sweep it away.”

That’s quite a rant after simply being asked if Tom Cruise is leaving the Mission: Impossible franchise. McQuarrie directed both installments of Dead Reckoning. Cruise will continue working with McQuarrie even if he leaves Mission: Impossible. The director confirmed that Cruise is already working on a new film for him. He characterized it as “even gnarlier” than the Mission: Impossible flicks.