New Jason Momoa Video Goes Viral Weeks After Dangerous Car Crash

by Shelby Scott

Several weeks ago, Aquaman star Jason Momoa caught national attention after he inadvertently became involved in a head-on collision with a motorcyclist in California. More recently though, Momoa’s fans shared a hysterical video of him posing as an airline attendant on Hawaiian Airlines set to the tune of The Little Mermaid‘s “Under the Sea.” Check it out.

According to Fox News, the video went live on TikTok on Tuesday, August 2nd. Already though, the clip garnered more than four million views.

Fans shared the fun clip across social media. Many deemed Momoa “Aguaman” as the actor-turned-flight-attendant began passing out bottles of Mananalu water. The video itself sees the Aquaman actor dressed in a simple gray suit. He topped the outfit with a necklace and a bright pink flower to don his head.

One fan humorously commented on the video, “flower on the left…he is spoken for ladies.”

Jason Momoa’s surprise appearance aboard the Hawaiian Airlines flight came a day following his birthday on August 1st. The outlet stated that the 43-year-old actor didn’t just pass out waters during the flight. He also awarded lucky passengers 10,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles.

In addition to his role in Aquaman, Jason Momoa will also appear in Fast X, where he will play the franchise’s newest villain. Fast X will likely be the final installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.

Jason Momoa Goes Unharmed Following Auto Collision

Last month, Jason Momoa went viral for an entirely different reason after an unnamed motorist rounded a corner and crashed into the actor’s 1970 Oldsmobile.

Previous reports state the actor had been driving down Old Topanga Road in Los Angeles when a motorcyclist rounded the same corner and cut into Momoa’s lane. In doing so, the biker collided with the front end of the 1970 Oldsmobile. Then, somehow, the biker sustained just minor injuries, managing to land on his feet. Before his stunt landing though, the driver rolled off of Momoa’s windshield, cleared the hood, and landed on the opposite side of the car.

Per the California Highway Patrol at the time, Jason Momoa “was uninjured and remained on the scene throughout the investigation.” A previous clip showed the actor walking back to his car after the collision. Meanwhile, first responders began taking a look at the other involved party.

While Jason Momoa didn’t suffer any injuries following the crash, multiple outlets reported first responders had taken the driver of the motorcycle to nearby Northridge Hospital with minor injuries.

At the time of the crash, the actual cause had not been identified. That said, neither party had assigned blame either.

More recently, Fox News states Jason Momoa was spotted riding his own motorcycle with former girlfriend Eiza González.