Nicolas Cage Fans Shocked By His New Red Hair and Beard

by Megan Molseed

National Treasure star Nicolas Cage is trying out a fiery new style, and fans have a lot to say about the Hollywood icon’s new look. Sure, it’s long been known that Nicolas Cage rarely shies away from making a statement. He’s been known for creating some unique experiences for himself during his decades-long career in the Hollywood spotlight.

From buying a cave full of bats so he could have privacy while spelunking in the buff to purchasing some of the world’s most exotic animals, including a two-headed snake, Cage doesn’t seem to have much on his list of things “not to do.” And, this new hairstyle is just about as wild as the movie star’s personality.

Nicolas Cage Debuts His New Red-Hued Look And Fans Are Loving This Change

The Face/Off star debuted his new look later last week. However, this new look stopped at the top of the actor’s head as he resisted adding his cherry-red hair color to his dark brown goatee.

“Cool red hair,” one fan comments on an account depicting a pic of the Oscar Winning actor’s new look. Other fans opted for a word-less response to show their approval of the star’s new ‘do, dropping multiple fire emojis in response to the unique look.

“Just Nic Cage with new Cherry red hair,” one Twitter user says of Nic Cage’s new hair color.

“That’s it,” the fan says. “that’s the Tweet…”

Fans Are Having A Field Day With The Star’s New Hair

Another fan had fun with some wordplay jokingly making the comment that Nic’s new look brings to mind the image of a “goat with a goatee.”

“Cool red hair,” another fan comments in response to the brightly-hued hairdo.

“This was a good idea,” another commenter compliments.

“Nice Nicolas. It suits you,” says another fan.

Cage Had Another “Total” Transformation Earlier This Year

This is certainly not the first time that Nicolas Cage has surprised fans with a new look. Earlier this spring the Raising Arizona star sported a spooky new style while on the set of an upcoming Dracula flick. This look went full Transylvania as Cage sports some super pale skin, purple lips, and some creepily long fingernails.

Nicolas Cage went all out for this new style, too. The actor sported a red velvet suit complete with a pair of black boots that are perfectly suited for a vampire. He even styled his hair in a slicked-back look that is perfectly Dracula.