Nicolas Cage Gives Exciting Update About Potential ‘Face/Off’ Sequel

by Caitlin Berard

In the summer of 1997 Nicolas Cage and John Travolta starred in the action thriller Face/Off, in which John Travolta plays a dedicated FBI agent whose face is literally stolen by the dastardly villain, Castor Troy, played by Nicolas Cage. The film was an instant hit, ranking #1 in the box office on its opening weekend and achieving both critical and commercial success.

Now, 25 years later, there have been whispers about a Face/Off sequel. Rumors have surfaced that Neal Moritz, the producer behind the Fast & Furious franchise, is developing the sequel at Paramount. And it looks like Nicolas Cage might be involved.

“[A Face/Off sequel] I can talk about. There have been some phone calls with Neal [Moritz, producer], who I enjoyed very much working with on the first Face/Off,” Cage told “He’s one of the true great producers in Hollywood. And, they have been making some calls.”

Though the idea of rebooting other popular Nicolas Cage productions, such as National Treasure, have also been tossed around, Cage isn’t interested. The only reboot in which he’s expressed any interest thus far is Face/Off. “The other ones, like National Treasure, I mean, their priority was a TV show,” the actor said. “Godspeed to them. But maybe Face/Off, maybe.”

Now that Nicolas Cage has hinted at a possible involvement in the Face/Off sequel, fans have just one question. Will John Travolta sign on as well? Only time will tell.

‘Face/Off’ Star Nicolas Cage Defends His Acting Range

Though it’s true that Nicolas Cage has starred in many action movies, Face/Off included, the actor is deeply offended by the idea that he can only do action films. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter discussing his new comedy film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Cage claimed that Hollywood “forgot” he could do comedy.

“Somewhere along the way, Hollywood seems to have forgotten that I could do comedy,” Nicolas Cage said. “I had done Raising Arizona, I had done Honeymoon in Vegas, Moonstruck – I mean, it goes on – but they forgot. With this, Tom invited me back into a comedy, and it was a very welcome experience for me because I wanted to do that. It’s been so long.”

Though Nicolas Cage says The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent was “welcome,” that’s not entirely true. The whole story is that, when first approached with the movie, Cage wanted nothing to do with it. He was worried that the film was a mockery of his career. It was only after he realized the film was actually closer to a love letter to his many projects that he agreed to it.

“I wanted no part of it,” Cage said. “But when I got [the director’s] letter, then I thought, ‘OK, he’s not just trying to mock so-called Nick Cage; there is a real interest in some of the earlier work.'”