Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her and Keith Urban’s Humble Beginnings

by Taylor Cunningham

In a recent interview, Nicole Kidman recounted how starting from nothing helped turn her and her husband, Keith Urban, into A-list celebrities with a rock-solid family.

“I’ve always been aware of privilege because both my parents came from nothing,” Australian-born Kidman told Glamour UK. “When we moved to America, we had nothing.”

When Kidman’s parents moved her and her sister, Antonia, to the United States, they had almost no savings to rely on. Coming from poverty in Australia meant starting fresh in a country that they believed had more opportunities. But that meant barely getting by from the start.

When they arrived in their new home, Kidman’s parents got a donated mattress from the Salvation Army, which they all had to share. And her dad began the journey to earn a Ph.D. in psychology.

Luckily, Nicole Kidman’s parents were able to earn top educations that pulled them out of poverty. Her father, Antonio, practiced psychology after his wife, Janelle, helped him get through school. And eventually, her mother became a nurse.

Kidman does believe that something good came out of her humble beginnings, however. Because her family struggled so much, they understood compassion and empathy. And her parents made it a point to help other people once they were in a place to do so.

“When he became a psychologist, he would offer his behavioral therapy for nothing if they didn’t have any money because he just wanted to help,” she said.

“I grew up with one of the gentlest, kindest fathers who was a giver…my family had that social conscience,” Kidman added.

Nicole Kidman’s Husband Grew Up in a One-Room Shed

And Nicole Kidman’s husband came from a similar childhood. But in his case, his family wasn’t able to gain financial security in a new county.

Keith Urban was also raised in Australia. And his entire family lived in a crumbling shed that offered no privacy for him and his brother, Shane.

“He grew up on a farm, literally in a shed. They didn’t have bedrooms,” she shared. “Four of them lived in a shed that subsequently burned down. 

As she continued, she shared that his community had to come together and help Urban’s family survive after the fire. Without them, the family would have been desolate.

But the Big Little Lies holds him in high esteem for being able to change his circumstances and become a Country superstar.

“I also married a man who’s totally self-made and came from a background where he said every brick in his house is a gig,” Kidman gushed.

But after everything, Nicole Kidman believes that watching her parents sacrifice everything to support her and her sister gave her a healthy perspective on parenthood. And Urban’s hard bringing also brought him to the same place.

“For a parent to say to a child, ‘You’re loved. You’re just loved,’ is the most important thing, and, ‘you can believe, you can do, you can be who you are, and I will love you,” she said.