Nicole Kidman Reveals She Shares the Same Nashville Dentist With Dolly Parton

by Joe Rutland

Nashville is one cool town and it’s so cool that Nicole Kidman and Dolly Parton happen to share the same dentist in the city. Who would’ve thought that was possible? Well, Kidman offers up the insight while talking with director Baz Luhrmann in an interview for Vogue Australia. Luhrmann, who directed the new Elvis movie, worked with Kidman in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge!

Luhrmann said that he “fell in love” with Nashville while working on his latest film. He says that he was in Nashville for Elvis and recorded all the gospel in old churches there. It leads to Kidman sharing this anecdote. She lives in Nashville with her husband Keith Urban and their two daughters. “I was at the dentist yesterday, who’s the same dentist that Dolly uses! That’s how small-town Nashville is!” Upon hearing this, Luhrmann says, “I love Nashville and I love her too. I call her ‘the Dolly Lama of L.A.,’ you know?”

Dolly Parton Gushes Over Nicole Kidman Husband Keith Urban

Parton admits that she’d want to duet and even bake a cake for Urban. That revelation came from Dolly when she was talking in a video last January for Good Morning America. We get more from People. “Probably any of the good-lookin’ ones! I love Keith Urban,” Parton says. “I’ve always thought that he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world. I’m not trying to hit on him, because he’s got Nicole and who could beat that? She’s Jolene!”

The country music legend adds that she loves Urban’s writing and “I just think he’s dear. So I’d be happy to make a big old cake for him and spend all afternoon singing songs.” What was Urban’s reply? He offered it up on Instagram upon hearing Dolly’s comments. He said that he’d welcome a cake from Parton. Kidman added in there, “But don’t take my man!” Urban and Kidman add, “We love you, Dolly.”

Actress Admits In 2016 Interview That She’s ‘Very, Very Happy’ To Be In Nashville

Kidman loves living in Nashville. She appeared on the People and Entertainment Weekly show The Jess Cagle Interview back in 2016. Kidman said at the time that she does feel “very, very happy to be a part of [the Nashville] community.” Urban and Kidman moved to a farm in Nashville back in 2007. “That country music community is a very warm community,” Kidman tells Cagle. “It’s very protective. Keith’s been a part of it for decades now. It’s his home; it’s our home.” Kidman had a chance to play one of show business’s biggest names in Lucille Ball for the Aaron Sorkin movie Being the Ricardos.