Nicole Kidman Shows Off Insanely Shredded Physique on New Magazine Cover

by Caitlin Berard

Practical Magic star Nicole Kidman turned 55 this summer, but age has yet to put a damper on the Australian actress’ fearless approach to fame. According to Kidman herself, she “loves the idea of being bold and not fitting into a box,” and in a recent cover shoot for Perfect magazine, she proved it.

The cover features a chiseled Nicole Kidman, bearing all in a Diesel halter neck top and micro-miniskirt, completing the look with a unique red wig. The shocking shoot came as the result of Perfect naming Kidman their Perfect Icon award winner at their annual ceremony.

“At a time when the validity of awards ceremonies is in question, and the red-carpet spectacle of presentations is dominated by the awarding bodies and the presenters, we wanted to shift the focus back to those who we think deserve to be rewarded,” the publication explained.

Nicole Kidman Speaks Out About Shocking ‘Vanity Fair’ Photoshoot

The newest edition of Perfect features a whopping 20-page interview with the Moulin Rouge actress, who recently came under fire for a similarly revealing photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

Many fans directed their ire at Vanity Fair, accusing the publication of heavily photoshopping the actress’ images. Others, however, slammed Nicole Kidman herself for the “raunchy” outfit – a low-rise micro-miniskirt and matching bra top.

In a subsequent interview with Vogue, Kidman revealed that she had second thoughts about the “ridiculous” outfit following the shoot but ultimately decided that it wasn’t a big deal.

“I showed up and they had another outfit for me, and I was like, ‘No, no, I like this one! Am I allowed to wear that?'” Kidman explained. “And [the stylist] Katie Grand, who’s just fantastic, was on Zoom. And Katie was like, ‘You’re willing to wear that?!’ And I said, ‘Wear it?! I’m begging you to wear it!'”

“I mean, I did walk away when I shot Vanity Fair thinking, ‘What was I thinking?! That was ridiculous! What were you doing, Nicole?!'” the actress added. “And then I went, ‘Eh, oh well!'”

Nicole Kidman Describes Her Health Regimen

How has Nicole Kidman maintained her toned physique into her 50s? Well, according to her, it’s all about balance. “Over the years, I’ve realized that if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing,” Kidman explained in a 2014 interview with Women’s Health. “So that comes first. I work for balance now – I do yoga, and I run, and I meditate. I take really good care of myself and I eat well.”

As the actress explained, however, no one should expect themselves to stay disciplined 100 percent of the time. When she goes on tour with her husband Keith Urban, for example, she finds it far more difficult to maintain her diet and exercise routine. But she doesn’t let it discourage her. Instead, she focuses on an 80/20 split.

“I’m just not someone that believes in denial,” Kidman said. “It’s walking a path that’s ultimately 80 percent healthy, 20 percent…sometimes it falls to 70. But that’s why I think you have things like natural health remedies. You find out what works for you. And I do a lot and I have a lot of energy.”